She cancelled her AT&T account back in April. But month after month, she says the company kept charging her, even though she no longer had internet service.

Maybe we can help.

Lisa Malme and her fiance moved from Carmichael to Citrus Heights in April.

“Having a new baby, the one bedroom apartment wasn’t going to really work,” says Lisa.

Lisa tried to transfer her AT&T internet service but found out they don’t service her new address. So she cancelled.

But a couple of weeks later, she realized AT&T who she had auto-pay with, kept charging her for the service she was no longer getting, which put her checking in the red.

“They said that my account was overdrawn almost $60,” says Lisa.

And she was slapped with overdraft fees! She called AT&T and says a customer service representative apologized for the mistake and got her credit union to reverse the charges.

“So we got that taken care of and I find out that in the next month in May, they tried to debit my account again,” says Lisa.

Lisa says she couldn’t get AT&T to fix the problem. And then this showed up in July, a letter threatening collections if she didn’t pay the $69.95 they claim she owed.

“I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I feel like it’s not fair,” says Lisa.

We reached out to AT&T. In an email, they apologized saying:

“Taking care of customers and providing excellent service is a top priority at AT&T. In this instance, the order to disconnect service did not complete due to an internal systems error. We have made the proper adjustments to the customer’s account. We are sorry for any inconvenience.”

— John Britton, AT&T Spokesperson.

They couldn’t explain why customer service didn’t fix this before we got involved, but the experience has left Lisa bitter.

“We will never own anything AT&T again as long as we live. I don’t care if they are the only telephone, internet, cable service provider there is, I would rather use two tin cans and a string to make a phone call,” says Lisa.

If you have a problem with an internet or phone company, you can file a complaint with the FCC.


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