ron artest1 Ron Artest and Grant Napear Talk About The Future of The Lakers

Grant Napear talks to Ron Artest to talk about his championship season last year, his thoughts on Grant’s statement that the Lakers would never win a championship with Ron on the team, and Ron’s new charity.

  1. Ron Artest Fan says:

    How did the Kings ever let this guy go? Now he is a Laker working on his second ring, and it looks like he will get his second ring, the only thing this town came up with is his dogs in the backyard had T-Bone instead of Ribeye on a Tuesday back in 2008 month of March….Really J. Petrie you needed to trade Ron? I went to a Kings game years ago and Ron was the only player working hard out on the court…Bibby look to have a new contract….Brad looked like he was waiting for the season end….and the rest of the players…traded for C-Webb were well on the middle of the learning curve….

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