By all accounts the Williams wedding was beautiful.

“The wedding was just as I’d imagined” says the bride, Areli Williams.

And the photos turned out pretty well too.

But there were a few that needed the touch-ups Areli says she was promised.

So far she hasn’t gotten that.

Areli Williams’ photographer captured every beautiful moment of her September wedding; she was blissful.

“That was before. Now I have after, and my aggravation of dealing with calling him, emailing him, and waiting for these pictures” she says.

“Hey what’s up, it’s Charles White” the video on YouTube says.

It’s Charles White, Areli’s photographer.

She says he hasn’t fulfilled his end of the agreement.

The contract her soon-to-be-husband signed stated that “proper editing of … photos usually requires 2 to 3 weeks for completion.”

It’s been ten months since Areli got her first set of photos and informed White of problems with her five 8-by-10’s.

“You see you can’t even see my husband” she says pointing to one that’s too dark, her husband disappearing in the shadow; and yet another still needed reprinting to remove a long smudge.

There were some that also needed the stylistic touches Areli says White had agreed to do.

But neither emails nor phone calls got his attention, or his assistant’s.

“She didn’t return my calls, and then I finally texted her and her response was ‘in the mail.'”

You guessed it — they were not in the mail.

So Areli got ahold of us, and we got in touch with Charles White Productions through his YouTube site.

“…Charles White Live…” he says in another one of his clips.

He claimed that he thought the photos had already been mailed.

By the following week he’d sent Areli her remaining pictures along with a couple of extras.

But she says problems remained.

“So you can see the difference from the quality of paper” Areli says, showing us two different photos.

First, the pictures were printed on what appeared to be ink jet paper; they weren’t professional quality.

Also, an 8×10 was missing, and one had the same kind of ink smudge; others were made to order.

“To call himself a professional photographer his actions are far from less than being a pro photographer.”

We emailed White again, twice.

After the second email Charles White replied in part that “…the situation is solve[d]… no where in my contract did I mention ‘professionally printed photos.’… I won’t be contacting you anymore…”

Areli has a CD with the un-retouched photos of her wedding, so she’ll have to get them printed elsewhere at additional expense.

But she’d hoped Charles White Productions would salvage what’s left of their relationship, and his reputation as a photographer.

“And I didn’t want to take this route, to go actually on public television. But I really don’t want any other brides or any other couples going through the same aggravation that I did.”


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