By Kurtis Ming

She bought the curtains from a Burlington Coat Factory store in Southern California. They were supposed to deliver them to her home.

So where are they?

“Right now, all I have is my different colored psychedelic blankets here,” says Ruth Russell, Vacaville resident.

Ruth got creative, using blankets to block out the summer heat.

“I was very embarrassed, we kind of had a family reunion in July and I had no curtains,” says Ruth.

Back in June, while visiting family in Southern California, she bought curtains she liked from a Burlington Coat Factory in Ontario.

But they only had four panels. She needed eight more. So the store in Ontario ordered them for her from a different store in San Diego County.

“7 to 10 days that they’d be delivered and I thought well that’s good you know, before July comes, my family was coming to visit,” says Ruth.

Ruth paid $186.41 with her credit card which included $10.50 to have them shipped UPS.

But those 7 to 10 days turned into three months.

“They just keep telling me, oh, they’re still working on it. That’s all they ever tell me,” says Ruth.

Ruth says she got no where calling the Ontario store every two weeks.

“That’s just ridiculous,” says Ruth.

We contacted Burlington Coat Factory Corporate. We asked them what caused the delay? They blame computers.

In an email, they tell us:

“The error occurred due to a computer processing malfunction, which has since been corrected by a senior administrator.”
— Mark LoCastro, Media Relations

A few days after our call, look what showed up.

Burlington shipped the remaining eight panels and sent her this gift card for $184.41, the cost of those eight panels.

“I really really like these curtains,” says Ruth.

So hopefully this story helped fix that computer glitch so others don’t experience delays.

The Burlington Coat Factory’s full statement:

Our Regional VP Spoke with Mrs. Russell this morning (Friday, Sept. 24) and resolved the issue she was experiencing with the charge from store #274 in Ontario. They were able to locate the eight drapery panels she had ordered and shipped them today (Friday, Sept. 24) via FedEx for Saturday (09/25) delivery. The Regional VP also explained to Mrs. Russell that we were crediting here account for the $184.41 and apologized for any inconvenience that we had caused her. At this point Ruth seemed very happy with our resolution of the situation. We finished our conversation and wished her Happy Birthday.— Mark LoCastro, Media Relations

The error occurred due to a computer processing malfunction, which has since been corrected by a senior administrator.


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