CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — A comedy news show run by Harvard University students is making light of last year’s murder of a Yale University graduate student in a new parody video.

“On Harvard Time” released “Why Did I Choose Yale?” on Tuesday ahead of this weekend’s annual Yale-Harvard football game.

The spoof of a Yale admissions office video refers to Annie Le’s (LAY’s) killing when a prospective student asks a tour guide, “What happened to that girl that got murdered and stuffed in a wall?”

The 24-year-old Le’s body was found behind a research lab wall in 2009. A former lab technician, Raymond Clark III, has pleaded not guilty to killing Le.

The Yale Daily News said the video’s creators were guilty of “gross insensitivity.”

“On Harvard Time” said it expected to later release an official statement.

(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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  1. King Hootchie says:

    King Hootchie say: Yes, next President need come from Harvard. Lots of laughs. Like Obama, tradition continue. Funny college, funny President. Funny country, funny unemployment, funny bankruptcy, funny foreclosure. Just funny. Socialism funny, communisim funny, shove healthcare down throat, very funny. High gas price, funny as heck. Liberal make me laugh too much. Give orders, demand take picture at airport, my cheek hurt, please, can’t stop laughing! Grab my junk? Laugh uncontrollably. No wonder media love Left- they so funny!

  2. raygunsmess says:

    You so funny too, you cause all problems , blame all on democrats. You so nice. Lets go Lion hunting. Me got gun, you got mouth. Lion have no problem find you. After he eats you, I shoot lion, or maybe I say nice kitty…

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