SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local man is facing charges of violating a restraining order after flipping the bird to his wife, according to authorities.

Paul Bechtel gave the rude gesture to his soon-to-be-ex-wife Rebecca during a recent appearance in a Sacramento County family court, but although the sentiment didn’t surprise her, she said the end result did.

“He went up, talked to the bailiff, turned around and flipped me off,” Rebecca said. “And was arrested.”

Deputies placed him in cuffs for violating a restraining order against him that called for no communication with Rebecca. Giving someone the finger, authorities said, is a form of communication.

The gesture also qualifies as harassment, Sheriff’s Department spokesman Tim Curran said.

“One would consider flipping the bird as harassing somebody, and that’s what the judge believed and he was charged accordingly,” Curran said.

Rebecca said it’s not the first time her husband has raised his middle finger at her since they filed for divorce, but it was the first time he did it in court.

“[He’s] very angry. Angry at the world,” she said.

Comments (3)
  1. obbop says:

    I supposed flicking a booger at that dame would be considered assault and battery.

  2. reaves7263 says:

    OMG, really? I would live in jail if I was arrested every time I gave someone the bird. haha

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