SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — We’re hearing from friends of a Sacramento man who died in a fishing accident near Bodega Bay.

“You always read about other people, and you never think it’ll happen to you,” said the friend of Glenn Iwamoto, the local man who drowned.

It was a traumatic trip for nine Sacramento fishermen who set out early Tuesday morning to harvest crabs north of Bodega Bay. The weather took a turn, one of their boats capsized, and Glenn Iwamoto didn’t make it.

His life-long friend says he was on the other boat and rushed over to rescue him.

“I saw him in the water, when I first arrived there all hands were floating and treading water. And we just started picking them up one at a time. Its just one of those things,” said Iwamoto’s friend.

He says they were able to pull all four into their boat, and they gave Iwamoto CPR, But it was too late. Friends will now remember Iwamoto’s proudest days of celebrating his catch, and his generosity. According to his fishing buddies, most of what he caught he gave away to fellow church members and old friends.

Of the four other fishermen pulled from the water, two were taken area hospitals. All are expected to recover.

Comments (4)
  1. H Peterson says:

    That the lead story is from Nov. 24 – 2 weeks ago..doesn’t leave me to confident that this is a reliable place for news!!!

  2. Rick Kirkwood says:

    State Sells Buildings $1.4 Billlion.
    How much debt is still owed on these buildings? I presume first call on the $1.4 billion is to relieve any debt on the buildings, remodel expense, relocation etc. associated wiht the sell. Then leasing the buildings over time makes little sense. Expect the legislature to presume this $1.4 million is something they can balance the general operating budget. This approach simply increases debt and hides the ball.. Transparancy is required.

  3. Walter White Lodi says:

    What happened to the little chihuahua that got beat up by the owner with a golf club & bleach in the dogs eyes ? Did the little thing live & did the owner get arrested ?
    Where do we send cotrbution for thr Vet bill. Walter Wjite

  4. Michele says:

    Mr. Iwamoto was my b/f cousin. So sad to hear

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