SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A suspect is still at large after shooting a teenager in South Sacramento on Tuesday afternoon, triggering the lock down of a nearby high school and college campus.

The Sacramento Police Department said the victim, identified as student Cedric Wilson, was shot in the arm near Central Parkway at about 3:40 p.m. and ran to the Valley High School campus for help.

The school was locked down while police searched for the suspect. The campus was searched quickly, and nearby Consumnes River College also advised students and staff to shelter in place while authorities established a perimeter.

Authorities surrounded a home on La Amendra Way after receiving reports that the suspect is holed up inside, but after searching the neighborhood, police said the suspect was not found.

A teen was briefly detained, but investigators determined he was a landscaper who happened to be in the area.

Police said they have a number of leads on the suspect.

Comments (6)
  1. kevin says:

    It is “Cosumnes River College”. I used to work there and the area is super ghetto.

  2. B. Metz says:

    Valley Hi, no matter how expensive the homes are is still the “ghetto hood”. I wouldn’t mind if they killed each other as long as the innocent bystanders did get caught in the middle.

  3. joe schmo says:

    Yea cause people only get shot in the ghetto…you morons are no better than the dummies that do this stuff.

  4. Plasticman says:

    These kind of people are nothing but dirt trash and will never be anything else.

  5. 916 lady says:

    What is it going to take for them to crack down on these guns? Why do they make them so easily accessible to the public and kids? You have these young people thinking everytime they have a problem they can turn to a gun. What would they do if there were no guns? Meanwhile, innocent people get shot and that’s because nobody cares or has the courage to do anything about it.

    1. BigBallsMcGurk says:

      Way to jump on the “guns” first off who is they?? and how do they make them easily accessible to the public?? are you saying going to a gun store, producing ID, obtaining a handgun safety certificate, purchasing the outlandishly priced weapon, then waiting ten days while passing a backround check…then you can have your gun….wow that was too easy wasn’t it. Kids can’t buy guns by the way. Liberal haha

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