ANGELS CAMP (CBS13) —  Several laid off teachers are now heading back to school after a Foothills school district found a $200,000 accounting error.

A stack of 100 applications from out of work teachers who are vying for one of five teaching jobs is the largest turnout in Mark Twain Elementary School’s history.]

“We’re really excited, we really value our teaching staff and want to do what we can,” says Kathy Northington, Superintendent.

Five teachers may not sound like a lot, but for this small district with only 28 teachers the extras make a big difference.

“It will be great for the teachers and even more importantly great for the kids to get that individual help,” says one parent.

For example, right now there‘s a 7th grade class filled with 43 students.  Rehiring a teacher means that class will shrink to thirty –something.

Relief for crowded classes comes only because of a big math mistake made at the district.

Once administrators closed the books, they discovered an accounting glitch that cost them $200,000.  Now that money along with federal dollars is paying for new teachers.

“We’re just excited that our ending balance went this way and not the other way,” says Northington.

The school board has to approve the positions, but if that happens, the teachers will be back in class by January.


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