By Dave Bender

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the first time ever, a look inside the mind of a woman accused of kidnapping and raping Jaycee Dugard.  These letters from Nancy come from a prison pen pal, a woman who she befriended at the El Dorado County Jail.  That pen pal wanted Nancy’s story to be told.

At first glace, you’d never know these were words from a prisoner; A friendship that started in the El Dorado County Jail, and continues with Nancy Garrido’s pen pal serving a sentence in state prison.

Nancy’s love for Phillip and God was a constant theme throughout her letters.

“Phillip sends me Bible studies that I truly enjoy and bring me closer to our God,” writes Nancy.

But, it’s clear Nancy knows she and Phillip will never reunite on this Earth.

“We have a great future in God’s Kingdom, Phil and I don’t have one in this world, but Kathryn, we Phil and I keep our eyes fixed in God’s Kingdom, there is where our future will be together,” Nancy explains.

Nancy knows the only time she’ll ever get to see Phillip is in court where they often exchange glances. But despite her realization of the rest of their lives apart, she seems hopeful, at times happy, sharing details of her time behind bars.

“Thank you for the card you made me, it’s so beautiful.  I’m not writing nothing in it.  I’ll send it to him. He’ll love it.  By the way, my birthday was 7/18.  Turned the big 55.  Hee Hee!  I feel like 30.  Honestly, I continue to exercise in my cell,” she writes.

There are times when Nancy’s words might come back to haunt her in court.

“You’ll love Phillip as well, because we’re two peas in a pod,” Nancy says.

She later writes, “If Phil and I had the Living God in our life 18 years ago we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Words from a woman who clearly understands how she and Phillip’s last two decades will change their lives as they know them forever: joining her pen pal Kathryn in state prison.

“I’m happy to hear I’ll be okay dokey there in Chowchilla.  We adapt to any given situation, it’s difficult at first, Kathryn.  Our God give me so much strength to endure my journey,” Nancy explains.

Nancy Garrido’s journey is far from over, and so are her words from jail. 

CBS13 spoke to her attorney Stephen Tapson who says, “There are two cycles in the life of Nancy and Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard.  After the birth of the two children they found God, and then it became a very bizarre relationship that was loving.”

Comments (2)
  1. Jazerelle says:

    Not loving enough for them to allow Jaycee to claim her own daughters. Not loving enough to allow Jaycee to leave WITH HER DAUGHTERS. At 21 Jaycee felt like a prisoner. So much for love there. Just because someone becomes resigned to the hell they are living does not mean there is love.
    NANCY, GOD HATES, GET THAT HATES LIES. You lived a lie and were not repentant. If you had not been caught you would still live that lie and what future for Jaycee and her girls. NONE. Satan believes in God too. There is a difference in believing in him and following his ways. Kidnapping children is not God’s way. Stealing Jaycee’s daughters is NOT God’s way.

  2. Nrlee19 says:

    Wow…I couldn’t have possibly said it any better!

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