SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police say a child that hadn’t been seen since Wednesday afternoon has been found safe.

Twelve-year-old John Pierre Melikian was located this morning near the Light Rail station at Power Inn Road in Sacramento.  He appears to be find.

Melikian was reported missing Wednesday afternoon after he dropped off his books at an after school program at about 3:15 p.m. and walked off, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

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  1. lucas says:

    an after school program where?….kind of an important piece of the story that, like the boy, is missing

    1. Gabby says:

      The after school program is called tutoring and it is inside the school. Kids go there to do there homework and then their parents pick them up at 4:00. (school gets off at 3:05) There are teachers at tutoring at all times with the kids

  2. Anynomous says:

    I believe he went to St. Mary’s, one of my friends knows him, we all are keeping him and his family in our prayers.

  3. Rob says:

    He left St. Marys Elementry in east sac

  4. Mark says:

    If this is all the information that was given and it were my son missing… I’d be furious! Hey, Channel 13, why was the following critically important description from the News Release omitted? “The missing person is identified as 12-year-old Jean Pierre Melikian, 4’11, 108 lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt with “St. Mary” written on it, and tan pants.”

  5. Heather says:

    This is our neighbors son and we have all posted this to our facebooks and our friends and other family members have started posting. Its a fast way to get the information out there! Maybe you haven’t seen him, but a friend of a friend could have.

  6. Help Find this Child says:

    Why is there not more people out looking for this mising child. Where is the St. Mary’s community, supporting one of there own. I drove by the school only 3 police cars and 4 other cars, REALLY a child is missing, where is the Amber alert, where are the dogs? Where is the door to door search?

    Come on St. Mary’s Church help this family organize a search, get out there spread the word, help find John Pierre Melikian

    1. Reader says:

      There was tremendous support and help from the St. Mary community. May cars were parked inside the school parking lot (not visible from the street), but the majority were out looking for Jean Pierre.

  7. Reader says:

    Please learn to spell (the word ‘find’ for fine in article, paragraph 2, sentence 2).

  8. Connie says:

    I hope his parents talk to him about the way he answered that person that ask him whre he was going yesterday. When he answered Its none of your business

  9. Laura M. Rebelo says:

    Thank God he is safe. He problably had one of those moments that he wants to feel that someone had to worrie about him. whom knows?

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