GALT (CBS13) — Thousands of dollars in stolen goods are recovered, along with drugs and guns, with the help of a stolen iPad.

The homeowner activated GPS on one of his stolen electronics, and the signal took officers to the suspect’s Sacramento home.

Christopher Yadoa, 34, is accused of breaking into a Galt home and stealing valuables.   It appears that he didn’t realize the iPad he took was equipped with GPS, a security feature that police say led them right to his front door.

“We did receive help from the homeowner who told us his system was activated,” says Sgt. John Rocha, Galt Police Department.

Once inside the home, officers discovered not only the Galt home owner’s stolen belongings, but everything from TVs to thousands of dollars of brand new tennis shoes.

The stolen items added up to more than $25,000, along with several stolen guns, cash and drugs.

“That shook me, I’m surprised,” says a neighbor.

A neighbor who didn’t want to appear on camera says that Yadoa moved to the block about a year ago, and has been trouble ever since.

“It is scary; I hope he doesn’t come back to this neighborhood no more,” the neighbor told CBS13.

Officers say technology is making it easier to quickly track down criminals, and they are now working to reunite other burglary victims with unclaimed valuables found in Yadoa’s home.

Yadoa is currently behind bars, and police still investigating the case.

Comments (9)
  1. chuck newsome says:

    outstanding police work,

  2. Deb in Sac says:

    Ahahahaha. IDIOT. glad he’s caught

    1. Jenn in Elk Grove says:

      You dont even know the truth….Why are you guys so quick to judge? Did you ever wonder that he might not be the guy who did this? I know for a fact HE DIDN’T DO IT! HE’S INNOCENT.

    2. kathy, from Sac says:

      Shame on you….Laughing ahahaha! You dont even know anything, and there you are laughing ! How lady like… Get the story straight before you judge. HE DID NOT DO ANYTHING!

  3. Mark James says:

    i love stories with happy endings

  4. SQUASH says:

    Hopefully something will be taken from him in jail late one night when he is unexpecting and I do not mean a materialistic item. Hello little puppet :::))))

  5. Whut? says:

    thanks to Apple’s new ipad firmware. Now people can track there belongings from anywhere

  6. Tristan says:

    This is the upside to GPS tracking devices in action.

  7. dwghost says:

    Ha! Anyone catch how professional that reporter’s language was? Cops? Bucks? There was a time when reporters had a professional dictionary.

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