OAKDALE (CBS13) — A local parent is in protest and upset that kids are playing violent video games at her son’s special needs school.

The East Valley Education Center is a school for children with special needs, and at least one family says this is no place for violent video games.

Games such as “Call of Duty 4”and “Modern Warfare”, which are rated “M” for mature are some of the games that one parent says the students would play.

“He’s autistic,” says Robert Moore’s mother.

Robert Moore, 16, suffers from mental and emotional problems.

“Our son Robert would come home and tell us they were playing the game,” Moore’s parent explains.

His parents say they could tell after he played violent video games at school his anger issues would increase, even becoming violent towards his sister.

“It can cause emotional distress,” says Kim Moore, Robert’s mother.

Richard Ramirez, Robert’s stepfather, contacted the school and was told the game was used to reward students as well as help them socialize by bringing them out of their shells.

“We had an appointment set up with the Assistant Superintendent Jose Adalco, but after driving for two hours he stood us up.  However, in an earlier phone conversation, he told us the violent video games would no longer be allowed at the school,” says Moore.

The family has been voicing their frustration since September, not knowing for sure what effects the violence has on the children who are already struggling.

The family says the preclinical originally told them he wouldn’t do anything because they were the only parents who complained, but they also are not sure if other families knew the games were being allowed.

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  1. BettyO says:

    Not a reward… a babysitter. The school and staff are not educators, just have a job that gets them a paycheck. Parents must always watch over and protect their children from such people. They are in all the schools.

    1. Stacey says:

      Actually as someone who works with special needs kids (not at this school though) it is a reward. They are rewarded 5-15 minutes of play for staying in a class, for not having and outbursts, for doing work. It is NOT babysitter, with these kids you do need to offer incentives to build compliance with them, and some of it is a simple as a sticker and for some kids it is video game break or music break. However, I do agree that parents do need to be aware of what goes on in their childrens school and advocate that they get the best of what they need.

    2. The babysitted kid says:

      umm, your wrong, Betty. Thanks for being a close-minded buffoon. You all think you know, when you dont. I was a special needs child. I was rewarded with video game time for good behavior. I am now making 125K a year. if its babysitting, i think they should do it more so everyone can be “failures” like me.

  2. tom says:

    How we know that those games cause people to act out. What if instead those games act as a release for people and with-out playing them they would be forced to keep anger bottled up inside of them. Then when it gets to much for them they explode.

  3. Chris says:

    I don’t understand why parents have to blame a object for their failure to teach their children. I have a 7 year old son we both play video games I play games like black ops and my son plays racing games, and when he want to play games like black ops I will let him as long as it does not affect his school work. As for his attitude his teachers say he has one of the best attitudes in the class and when there is a new student he is the one that takes them around and shows them everything. He goes to school from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.( 1:45 to 5:00 is a after school learning program that he wanted to be in) Just like teaching our children about drugs and sex( two other areas that we know parents fail at) we need to teach our children about make believe and reality and that there is a time and a place for both. I play video games to unwind from work. Why is it a bad thing to let kids play games moderately. Is it because like sex and drugs parents and scared to talk to their kids about it and just want the schools to take on that responsibility also. PARENTS WAKE UP!!!!!! stop blaming everyone else for what you don’t want to do. Games such as that use a lot of hand eye coordination and also help out with motor skills so why can’t they be allowed to play games like that as long as the parents know and agree to it.

    1. JA says:

      to Chris: Thanks for being a rational parent, unlike so many out there.

  4. miguelm says:

    since this ain’t youtube ill keep it clean you bucking parents that blame things like video games are you special needs cause i play video games and i have bs. those parents are glitches.

  5. Adam says:

    Ive talked to a good number of gamers about this, and they all agree that it was inappropriate for the school to do this. Parents should have control over the games their children play, especially if they have developmental issues. To take that choice away from parents is wrong. It is an insult to video games as a medium, the most well regulated and restricted form of entertainment out their. The kid isn’t going to turn into a lunatic because of this, but its still not something they should be exposed to, especially without parental consent.

    There is no reason to expect that violent games will change behavior in developmentally normal kids. If you know basic Psychology, you will see that that hypothesis is unfounded. But it is still a parents choice, and it is still probably inappropriate to expose a children to things they cannot understand. Throw in mental problems, and there may be actual dangers involved.

    This is not a matter of dangerous video games, it is a matter of incompetent teachers. Video games are not baby sitters. If you want these kids to socialize, you should not give them a game where socialization is non-essential, non-existent in certain game modes, and complicated in a way that would impede communication. There are plenty of games out there that are appropriate for younger audiences, and ACTUALLY encourage socialization. Games have great potential as learning tools. The teachers clearly were not using them for that purpose.

  6. Chase says:

    All of you are imbosiles and barbarous idiots. Let your child play video games and blossom into a young adult.

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