SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — Wildlife advocates are asking for help in finding the person responsible for abusing several Bay Area seagulls.

Rescuers have been getting calls off and on for the last three months about seagulls seen around the Bay Area with cut beer cans stuck around their necks.

“The one we picked up on Saturday at San Francisco State University was one of we believe five that are out there,” said Rebecca Dmytryk with Wild Rescue. “This is the second one we’ve captured so that leaves possibly three more.”

Dmytryk said both birds captured so far were released after the cans were cut off. But the person responsible has not been caught yet.

“This is just some idiot out there doing this maliciously to an animal, taking their time to bait it in, grab it, cut off the end of the can and stick the can on its neck,” she said.

Dmytryk said the can collars pose a danger to the seagulls because they push back their feathers, exposing them to cold water and air.

Information can be reported anonymously to state fish and game officials. Other beer can-collared seagulls have been seen at Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz and in Half Moon Bay.

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  1. kimberlyscribner says:


  2. Eabe says:

    THERE ARE SOME SICK, SICK PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. The guilty party ought to be made to wear an oxen’s yoke for a few weeks.

    1. noel says:

      Just plain stupidity, doesn’t know anthing better.

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