NORTH HIGHLANDS, Calif. (CBS13) — Crews are investigating reports of a hazardous material spill at a military defense building near McClellan Air Force Base.

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department called for a level two hazmat response after a gas leak was reported in the Defense Electronics building on the 4200 block of 54th Street.

Fire department information officer Christian Pebbles said a cylinder was leaking in a clean room used to make microelectronics.

There are no reported injuries and officials say there is no danger the situation will spread.

Few other details will be made available because the company is a defense contractor, authorities said.

Comments (3)
  1. Opinionater says:

    My money’s on TRW, or as it’s otherwise know as: T-oxic R-adiactive W-aste

  2. opinionater says:

    yeah yeah I know, it’s radioactive not radiactive (must be the CBS Sacramento website proofreading influence over me… 🙂 Oh factchecker(s)btw, it’s actually called McClellan Park/Airfield. It hasn’t been a USAF base for several years now, duh!

  3. Bella says:

    TRW doesn’t exist. The story says it’s NEAR McClellan. “TRW is at McClellan Business Park. And if there was a Hazmat situation, my husband would have been called.

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