ORANGEVALE (CBS13) – Hundreds of toys set aside for kids in need have been stolen just days before Christmas.

The toys were taken from the lobby of the Orangevale Chamber of Commerce Monday night.

They were donations to the Toys for Tots program.

And chamber employees have a message for the people who stole them.

“If you need help with anything, I mean the chamber is here to help. They just had to ask rather than just to take. But I hope you find it in your heart to take them to the U.S. Marine Corp and give them to the kids that need them,” said Lisa Montes of the Orangevale Chamber Of Commerce.

In the meantime, they’re looking at surveillance tapes to see if they can find a clue into who may have taken those toys.

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  1. Big_Bear says:

    Ten-to-one it turns out to be some meth-head or other doper who will trade the toys to it’s slimy drug dealer so that thing can supply it with poison.

    Military coup and Martial Law: round up the pimps, pushers, pedophiles, dopers, career criminals, etc. Shackle them in boxcars for a one-way trip to the Nevada desert. 1% of the population commits 80% of the crimes. The other 99% could do without them.

    1. The Observer says:

      Right on all counts! Time for the CITIZENS (LEGAL) to speak up!!!!!

    2. Maryellen says:

      Good to see real expertise on display. Your coniturbtion is most welcome.

  2. TR Bender says:

    Hang the pices of trash.
    These are toys for kids that need a little cheer in their lives.
    Kalifornia or not. Start dispatching the two legged trash. For the sake of humanity.
    I’ll tie the knot !

  3. Carlos says:

    Qué esperar de un rojo cuello como Walter merry christmas de Mexifornia Walter.

    1. JOEL says:


  4. LOL says:

    LOL Do you really think that out of the “goodness of their hearts”, they will return what they stole? LOL…Lisa, you’re an idiot! These thieves do not care about you and you and giving them a choice to return what they stole shows your weakness. LOL They will steal again because you allow it. Where are the parents?

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