SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Police Department’s SWAT team raided a South Sacramento home searching clues in a gang shooting and ended up discovering a Pit Bull ring.

Officers busted through a window in a home on 71st Street this morning.  Officers were at the home serving a search warrant at the home looking for automatic weapons when they were bombarded with a barrage of pit bulls.

Animal control officers were called out and removed more than a dozen dogs from the home.  Officers say some of the dogs were vicious and that there had been complaints about the dogs.

“It wouldn’t be uncommon if you’ve got this many dogs in a situation like this that they would be fighting them,” said Sacramento Police Sgt. D.T. Martin

Animal control is still investigating the situation.  The condition of the dogs is not known.

Police did not find any weapons in the home but did find evidence of drug use.  Three people were taken into custody.

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  1. Sac City is Gritty says:

    I live down the street and saw it all go down. Animal Control wasn’t called out, they rolled up with swat to bust the place. They must have already known about the dogs. Now they will have to be put down…sad for the dogs.

    1. Vanessa says:

      What part of 71st was this on?

  2. bob says:

    I remember when Sacramento was a nice community…. sigh

  3. r c johnston says:

    Maybe they will get a MVP award like Vick, do ya think?

  4. Vanessa says:

    @Sac City is Gritty – what part of 71st was this on? My friend just moved to 18th Ave & 71st….
    @Anyone – How do they know it was a pit bull ring? Did the dogs have injuries consistent with fighting or are they making assumptions because there were a lot of dogs? Media loves to create hype based on limited details, especially about pit bulls… The article says some of the dogs were vicious – people who fight pit bulls don’t want human aggressive dogs since people have to be able to enter the ring and handle the dogs. (I totally oppose dog fighting, but I’m just sayin’, human aggression is not a desirable trait for the low lifes who choose to fight dogs.) Were the dogs just barking at the intruders (police) who busted a window to get into their home? Hopefully the City Shelter will do behavior evaluations on these dogs before deciding if they need to be put down (Vick’s dogs were rehabilitated and maybe these dogs can be too!).
    I train pit bulls at the City Shelter on Sundays (Chako Pit Bull Rescue’s shelter dog Canine Good Citizen program) and will definitely try to find out what happens to these dogs! Hopefully they won’t be penalized for the bad behavior of their owners! The dogs are the innocent victims here!

  5. annabelle says:

    This happened on 71st street on the side of the Welco supermarket between lemon hill. The suspect who they were chasing ran and fled the police around 3:30am in the morning.. ran through my backyard causing police and K9s was looking for the criminal.. damn lucky my pit bulls didn’t take a bite of him!! cause damn near my pit was goin to bite the police that ran up to my drive way!!

  6. Vanessa says:

    I just heard from a friend that Channel 3 reported this morning that the dogs were used for breeding and not for fighting. Will Channel 13 take back what they said about it being a “Pit Bull Ring”? Probably not – media thrives on negative pit bull hype! While I don’t condone back yard breeding, especially when there are so many pit bulls being euthanized in shelters, in this case I’m glad it was a “breeding ring” because the dogs will have a better chance of making it to the adoption floor. However, at a Citizen’s Advisory Meeting at the City Shelter this week they reported that they took in over 12,000 animals and euthanized over 8,000 of them in the last year. That means that 2 out of 3 animals who go into the City Shelter will never walk out of it alive. 😦

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