MANTECA (CBS13) — Explosives, similar to those used by the Oklahoma City Bomber, were found in a Manteca home by authorities.

The Manteca Bomb Squad blew up an automobile with a single explosive they stumbled upon while searching a parolee’s home for stolen property on Thursday. Once inside the home, they found a gun and the pair of explosives.

Detectives say Scott Williamson, 39, probably stole a pair of cast boosters which are commonly used for mining and construction.

Authorities say that it is illegal for Williamson to have the explosives in his home.

Detectives say the infamous Oklahoma City Bomber used similar explosives.

“Something similar to this cast booster was used mostly with Timothy McVeigh, and ignited in the van he drove over there,” says Detective Stephen Schuler, Manteca Police Department.

So far, cops have not located Williamson, and detectives don’t know what he planned on doing with the explosives.

Investigators demonstrated the dangers to build a strong case that will soon be in the hands of prosecutors, who got front row seats to see the vehicle explosion.

“These devices are very dangerous and it brings home what officers face when they are going and doing searches,” explained Katherine Mahood, Deputy District Attorney.

Detectives say that Williamson is still on the loose, and there is a warrant out for his arrest.


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