LINCOLN (CBS13) – One person has died and four other hurt in a head-0n collision on Highway 65 in Lincoln.

The fatal crash happened in the southbound lanes of Highway 65 at Sterling Parkway involving a van and Lexus SUV.

It’s believed the Lexus was travelling northbound when it drifted into the southbound lanes hitting the van.  The fatality is a person in the SUV.

The southbound lanes of Highway 65 are shutdown and all but one of the northbound lanes are closed.  CHP expects the lanes to be shut down for several hours.

Motorists heading south are advised to take Sterling Parkway to Joiner Parkway to 12 Bridges Drive back to southbound Highway 65.

It’s unclear what caused the crash, but CHP says weather may have been a factor.

Comments (2)
  1. Daniel says:

    Living in Lincoln and driving thru that strecth of Hwy 65, I am surprised that an accident like this hasn’t happened sooner. I tell all my friends and family to say in the RIGHT hand lanes going both North & South bound at that location.

    1. Jean says:

      I agree. The Hwy65 bypass project modified the lanes in such a way that tricky negotiations at relatively high speed are required of the driver.

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