COLFAX (CBS13) — A masked robber stormed into a local business and apologized after the robbery.

A woman and her grandson were working at Weimar Grocery Store in Colfax Monday night when the suspect came into the business and demanded cash.

After they turned over the money, the victims say the suspect apologized and said he needed the money for Christmas.

“He said he was very sorry.  He didn’t want to do this, but he says he was robbed and that he needed the money for Christmas presents,” explained Sherry Blackburn, robbery victim.

The victims say he got away with the cash but no one was harmed.

The suspect he described as a White male in his early twenties, 6’5”, and was also said to be driving a brown pick-up truck with a red camper shell.

Comments (12)
  1. james kuykendall says:

    i think we will reading more stories like this with the economy the way it is. its sad to think you heave to go to that extreme of lengths.

    1. Paul Ramirez says:

      What’s even sadder to me is that this guy was so convinced that the only way to experience Christmas is to buy it from a store, that he was willing to risk his very freedom in order to buy and give presents like everyone expects him to. It shows me how programmed and unquestioning our society still is. What’s the point of freedom if everyone is so pressured to go along with others’ decisions, that they end up in this guy’s situation?

      1. Melissa in NorCal says:

        Totally agree.

  2. Jimmie Speed says:

    Extreme of Length is not proper grammer and we don’t have to go to these extremes. This is a crime not a good thing…

  3. Randy Williams says:

    i think if more people turn to GOD for things life would be better right he was nice about it but that dont make it right GOD be with him merry CHRISTmas to all

  4. Vincent says:

    He was robbed so he’s robbing someone else? Oh, sir. Your family and friends would not blame you for a lack of a present if they were stolen. Presents are not what Christmas is about and resorting to robbery is not the way to handle misfortune. Your family would much rather have you home for Christmas without presents than you in jail with a smudge as a criminal in their eyes.

  5. Rich says:

    I dont buy what he said. I think he said thoese things to work the sympathy angle, to illicit sympathy from the employees hoping they wouldnt call police, and it they did then for public sympathy in stories like this.

    People are meant to be cherished and things are meant to be used. Everything is so chaotic because people are used, and things are cherished.

  6. Bob says:

    Um yeah…the invisible man in the sky lol

  7. Dan Plummer says:

    christmas is about being with loved ones and thats hard to do from a jail cell lets hope he doesnt have kids that will be without their dad on x-mas because he is so stupid he thinks only presents matter

  8. Tam says:

    Insurance already covered everything. But stealing from someone else bc you got robbed??? Because of that type of thinking, the world is what it is today. Maybe this is the real form of fear.

  9. Brian says:

    Hey, this could be a new trend, “Steal it, foward!”. If you get robbed, rob someone else and keep on going down the line….lol

  10. Lynne Gower says:

    Its sad that it happened. But the store is in Weimar not Colfax. I am glad that no one got hurt.

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