SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A police raid on a South Sacramento home last week led to the discovery of more than a dozen pit bulls officials say were abused, but one of the suspects says the animals weren’t mistreated.

Sacramento SWAT team members raided a home on 71st Street on December 15 in search of a wanted gang member. The suspect was not located, but police found 15 pit bulls, three of them puppies, that they say were chained to posts in miserable conditions.

Sacramento residents are only allowed to own three dogs.

“The conditions for the animals were actually quite poor,” said Sacramento Animal Care Services spokesperson Penny Cistaro.

The animals looked like they had been chained up for days in the rain without food or clean water.

“The water buckets that are there are chewed, dirty and muddy. The water is dirty,” Cistaro said.

Two of the pit bulls caretakers hotly denied they abused the dogs and said animal control investigators are “crazy.”

“Baloney. No, they’re wrong, that’s not true,” Sandie said. “They’re very healthy dogs… they get cared for better than I get cared for.”

Another caretaker, Richard, said he was charged in court Wednesday but maintained that he was simply breeding the dogs, not training them for fighting.

“A lot of people like home protection dogs,” Richard said.

The owner of the pit bulls, William Jefferson, is still in jail on $80,000 bond for felony torture, torment and depriving animals of sustenance. His next court date is Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

Officials have not said whether the suspects have the proper paperwork for breeding.

Animal control is hoping to eventually give the dogs up for adoption.

Comments (7)
  1. barb says:

    Tie them up to posts in the yard for days in the freezing rain and see how “well cared for” they feel.

  2. Nat says:

    I second barb’s comment. I think that’s a wonderful idea.

  3. Sea says:

    I’m sorry to say this but this breed needs to be eliminated completely. And the jerks who breed these dogs and fight them are disgusting. I think Barb’s idea is great, give them the same horrid conditions that they gave to these poor dogs and let them live that way. I can’t figure out what went wrong with some people who would treat an animal like this? What pleasure could you get watching this sick stuff? It’s sad to see what has happened to humans on this planet.

  4. Michelle Bonbright Gabbard says:

    Sad, if those people are living worse than their dogs. Makes me want to go hug my pit bulls all snuggled up under the covers in my bed right now. Lift one of those losers shirts I bet their ribs arent showing! You can tell alot about a person by how they treat animals. Sheesh!

  5. Blair says:

    Sea – The breed doesn’t need to be eliminated. Its the people who breed these dogs to be that way. I have 2 pit bulls and they are loving wonderful animals. The only fault they have is wanting to make their masters happy no matter what they have to do. Loyal to a fault. Misunderstood completely. As far as the people who can do this to any animal there is a special place in hell for them.

  6. D~ says:

    These poor babies! Just makes me sad for the living conditions and so happy they were found and are now going to be fed, bathed, and hopefully adopted! I have 3 rescue dogs, one a pit bull, she is so incredibly sweet and loyal, she is always full of sunshine, so happy all the time! Unfortunately Pit Bulls are very misunderstood. They are high energy and intense personality, they need love, training and guidance, they are so eager to please you! It’s the stupid people out there that dont spend this time and love on them . I love my Daisy Girl! Dont judge the breed, judge the owners!!!

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