SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A burglary was foiled in Sacramento today. Police say the suspect was trying to break into a home on Cosumnes River Road when the homeowner dialed 911.

When police arrived, the suspect ran away and officers had their dogs try to chase him down.

“Once he knew the dogs were getting close, that’s when he jumped the fence into the canal area and one of the perimeter officers out here on Cosumnes River saw him running along the canal,” said Sacramento Police Department spokesman Sgt. Steve Oliveira.

The suspect wasn’t able to get inside the house.

Comments (3)
  1. Snarf J says:

    What an utter waste of bits and bytes…the burglar was arrested yet you don’t have the name?

  2. Tired-of-all-the-bs says:

    maybe its the same dude that robbed those two banks recently

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