By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Public safety unions and a group of local business leaders are reportedly gearing up to campaign for a “strong mayor” system in Sacramento after Mayor Kevin Johnson’s push in the summer of 2010 failed.

The Sacramento Police Officer Association is planning to sponsor the push to grant Mayor Johnson broader powers, and says it has received promises of support from the Firefighters union, the Metro Chamber and the so-called “Gang of 60” business leaders in Sacramento.

SPOA vice president Mark Tyndale says he hopes the coalition will silence critics who say Mayor Johnson is behind the push for more power.

“We’ve been behind this from the very beginning,” Tyndale said. “We’re certainly going to do everything in our power to get it on the ballot. We want the city council on board.”

The proposal would give Mayor Johnson and his successors the power to hire and fire department heads and to create city budgets. City council members voted down placing the measure on the ballot this past summer, a move that “shocked” Johnson.

Tyndale expects heavy spending by supporters and opponents of the new campaign in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Critics say the SPOA is spearheading the effort to gain favor at the bargaining table, but union representatives say they simply support the idea.

Johnson’s office said the mayor does not have any comment to the announcement.

Comments (7)
  1. Che Chewy says:

    Seems like the organizations are just trying to waste more government money at a bad time.

  2. Kate Lenox says:

    Please go away and leave us alone. The only people who want a strong mayor are the developers who feel they don’t have enough money or power in Sacramento. This would just make it easier for them to buy more.

  3. Shlomo von Glickstein says:

    The SPOA is NOT a ‘union’ except when it comes to police raises, defending police brutality, and supporting this mayor’s powergrabs. They have become a small town version of L.A. CONFIDENTIAL…

    Given this mayor’s history of abysmal fiscal management of his teeny tiny little charter school, complete with misuse of federal funds and allegations of child sexual abuse, one would think the POLICE would find ANY OTHER CANDIDATE to support…

    It’s clear that Sacramento’s police support crime, if only to keep themselves employed…

  4. GRAPEVINE says:

    Seems to me like organized crime, the same junk the Governor pulled on the special voting ballets. The government has way to much time on their hand they need to get a real job. We the people need to take our power back and stop giving it to clowns who don’t care about what we think or do..

  5. PEGGY BAKER says:


  6. The_Ghost_of_Belle_Cooledge says:

    When is someone going to recall this LOSER?

  7. George C. says:

    Not a power grab?? Wake up!

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