SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Californians can drink up in the new year. A new law is allowing supermarkets to serve wine, beer and hard liquor in their stores.

Large grocery stores like Raley’s, Safeway and Walmart could start serving alcohol samples to their customers tomorrow while they shop.

Companies hope this will encourage people to buy their products.

“I think it’s not a bad idea. Because from a marketing and merchandising perspective, [it] gives these guys the opportunity to sell some more, and for the guys that are making the liquor and the wine, a chance to show off their product a little more,” said shopper Lindsay Harrison.

Opponents of the law say stores will be sending the wrong message to kids out shopping with their parents.

Comments (3)
  1. billie the kid says:

    People are so sensitive w/ laws like this and weed laws. If you think your teens can’t get what ever they want when they want, you’re an idiot and don’t live in a realistic world and you’re in denial of your own teenage years where you’ll had keg parties in High School. As long as you educate your children on wrong or right, its up to them to make their own decisions. so now w/ that said, my sample please!

  2. grey pupon bandit says:

    Stores will love to give customers free samples, because from a business prospective, more people will be shopping in their stores. Tipsy customers will spend more money. They might as well have topless dancers in the store too. “let it rain.” Good point too @billie the kid. sorry you didn’t get

  3. Melissa says:

    I don’t like this poll question. I was going to choose ‘no’ because I think the idea of giving out sample of alcohol at the grocery store is a terrible idea from a drunk driving perspective. How many of us have driven ourselves to Costco and filled up on free samples? Now add alcohol. Why’s it always have to be about the kids. If society really gave a darn about the kids, it would provide them with better schools.

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