SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The man accused of stealing a wheelchair from a young girl suffering from cancer allegedly left behind a critical clue that made it simple for police to track him down.

The victim’s mother summed it up simply: “What an idiot,” Angela Morris said.

Angela’s van, containing a wheelchair for her ill daughter and a trunk filled with other belongings, was stolen on New Year’s Eve.

Police found the vehicle in Citrus Heights on Sunday, but when Angela looked for her belongings, they were all gone — including the wheelchair.

Mariah Morris, a sixth grader who has battled cancer since she was four years old, said the wheelchair was the only way for her to get around outside of the house.

Angela found nothing but garbage left behind inside the vehicle, but when she cleaned out the trash, she found something left behind by the suspect.

“I happened to come across this note that was written by him,” she said, which contained “two phone numbers on it and his first and last name.”

The letter and fingerprints led police to 20-year-old Samuel Erol Leathers, who allegedly told them he tossed Mariah’s wheelchair in a dumpster.

“Sounded really stupid,” Mariah said.

Leathers is being held in Placer County on multiple charges of vehicle theft and possession of stolen property. His bail is set at $25,000.

Comments (9)
  1. Georgiepoorgiepuddingpie says:

    this guy is dumber than our previous governer

  2. Alyce Ruberg says:

    Can someone kick his ass? He can’t suffer any more brain damage,,,thin him from the herd. Man I HATE punks.

  3. thebell says:

    He belongs in California’s penal (sp) system.

  4. Theresa Nilsson says:

    What a dirtbag!

  5. dave says:

    I hope he dies in prison

  6. Mark says:

    Let’s set up a “menu” for what you can do to this POS. For $50 you can kick him in the “package”. For $100 you get to horse whip him and for $500 you get to beat the “s” out of him for a full day. Who’s in ?

  7. Debra P says:

    Why did the station see the need to give this morally corrupt individual any air time at all?? There is nothing he could say that would justify what he put Angela and Mariah through. I’m glad I didn’t hear the interview broadcast, as I fear it would have had adverse affects on my TV!! I hope that Mr Leathers finds a new home in jail for a long time. I’m thankful to all that have been so willing to help them both recover from his torment.

  8. Howard Janns says:

    I thought this guy stole a van, now they recover a sedan. Was that the thief that owned the sedan?

  9. Ashley Buller says:

    People Make mistakes im sure he feels remorsefull for what he did there are people out there that do worse….. i feel bad for the l;ittle girl but sometimes people are not in the right state of mind

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