SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento police are warning residents to be careful with their credit card information after they busted a criminal operation that used stolen credit card information to buy washers and dryers.

In October, police arrested two suspects for allegedly using stolen credit cards to purchase washers and dryers from Whirlpool. Police were tipped off in September after Whirlpool Corp. told investigators that several orders for washers and dryers had been purchased using fraudulent credit card information in the Sacramento area.

Detectives posed as delivery drivers and arrested two suspects – a male and a female — in connection with the crimes.

The male suspect was arrested after he allegedly asked the undercover officer to leave the washer and dryer at a residence near 24th Street and 50th Avenue. When the 27-year-old suspect arrived, he reportedly posed as the real owner of the credit card. A search of the suspect’s residence turned up about 500 names and credit card information of victims across the United States.

The 27-year-old female suspect was arrested after a washer and dryer that were purchased using fraudulent information were dropped off at a residence near Highfield Circle and Manorside Drive.

Both suspects knew each other. They were convicted on identity theft charges.

Comments (2)
  1. Chris Webber Jr. says:

    Identity theft in 2011! How stupid, your begging Big Brother to get you. White collar at it’s stupidest. But hey you never know, these two could work for wall street. LOL

    1. Elliott the Cat says:

      A residence near 24th Street and 50th Avenue.

      I don’t think these losers could work anywhere !

      Can’t even get away with crime in Sacramento !

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