MODESTO (CBS13) —  A suspected robber is now behind bars thanks to a K-9 crime fighter who was able to sniff out the suspect.

“If the dog wouldn’t have been there, he probably wouldn’t have been caught,” says Officer James Murphy, Modesto Police Department.

Modesto Police K-9 named “Caesar” led cops right to the suspected robber and wanted parolee Jesse Bryant’s door.

Officers got the call for help from a Rue 21 store employee.  The young woman told police that an armed robber stormed the clothing store on Plaza Parkway in Modesto.

Acting on a tip, detectives headed across town to N. 9th Street where Caesar sniffed around for clues to find the suspect.

“Once I found an actual footprint on the ground, I tracked from the spot,” says Officer Murphy.

But, Caesar’s senses were dead on.  From that footprint, he followed the scent for two full blocks, and police say that it led to Bryant’s hideout.

Once inside, police say that they found Bryant, a gun and cash.

Police say that Caesar is a five-year-old German Shepherd trained to track bad guys, and for cracking the case, the crime fighting K-9 got a special treat.

“He did get a treat – an In N Out Double Double just for him!” said Officer Murphy.

  1. Elliott the Cat says:

    More Crime committed by Black Grime !

    When are people going to teach there children some manners !

    Act like grown ups or they will lock you in a box !

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