PILOT HILL (CBS13) – A huge home in the El Dorado County town of Pilot Hill has gone up in flames this morning.

The 6,000 square foot home in Pilot Hill caught fire around 2 a.m. this morning.

The home owner had to hike to a neighbor’s home to report the fire because he had no cell phone reception in the remote area.

Fire fighters, who had to cut through fences to get to the home, arrived to find it fully engulfed in flames. 

They also had to truck in water to fight the blaze because there are not any fire hydrants in the rural area.

The home owner’s daughter says she is “heartbroken” for her father who had saved for 25 years to build his dream home which took several years to complete.

The homeowner recently put the home up for sale due to a divorce and other changes in his life.

Fire investigators are trying to determine what sparked the fire.  The homeowner told his family he believes Christmas lights that he had on a timer may have started the blaze.

Comments (10)
  1. Ken Howard says:

    Most counties require water storage on remote parcels just for this purpose.
    Doesn’t this county have building codes?

  2. Rene Walker says:

    WOW….It…”was”…a BEAUTIFUL home…..Seems too new to go up in flames…..
    ?????????? How sad….It was for sale for $1,199,000……
    fire sale…anyone…???????

  3. AB says:

    Can’t sell? Burn the biaaatch to the ground & get the insurance to pay you!

  4. Tari Clair-Parsons says:

    Im betting it wasn’t an accident. The guy is going through a divorce and probably didn’t want the ex to have it. Or he was going to lose it in foreclosure..just my guess.

  5. Dennis says:

    Why would you live somewhere with no cell reception and not have a land line installed?

  6. stinky pete says:

    Was his last name Papadopoulos ???

  7. Superman says:

    gee Dennis…..do ya think maybe the land lines stopped working due to the fire?>
    not much thought process there

  8. CW says:

    I think I know this man’s ex wife, i think his actions sound extremely suspicious, based on what he’s done in the past.
    i find it mighty suspicious that the daughter is “heartbroken” that her father lost the house…. but the very next sentence is pointing out that he had put it up for sale, thus was getting rid of it anyhow.
    I’ve gotta vote with AB on this one.
    And Ken Howard: have you ever been to Pilot Hill? Check it out sometime.

  9. Plain Facts says:

    Can you say “Jewish Lighting”?/

  10. SP says:

    This does sound a bit suspicious, however, this guy doesn’t gain anything by doing it except maybe free room and board at a local detention facility.

    Unless you own the home outright, insurance funds go to the mortgage company for the repair/rebuild. The owner and insurance companies can find the rebuilding contractor and that sign contracts etc. The mortgage company holds onto the money and dolls it out in thirds to the contractor in stages.

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