LOS ANGELES (AP) –– A second suspect in the videotaped sexual assaults of severely disabled women has been arrested after surrendering to police, and detectives are working through an “overwhelming” number of good tips as they seek at least two others, authorities said Sunday.

Ernie Lloyd, 27, of Los Angeles, appeared at a Hollywood police station Saturday and announced he had seen himself on the news and knew he was wanted, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Capt. Michael Parker said. Police took him to the West Hollywood sheriff’s station where he was arrested.

Parker said police officers recognized Lloyd from photos and artist sketches of four men that were gleaned from more than 100 hours of video delivered to sheriff’s headquarters last year, and deputies had identified him before he turned himself in.

Lloyd was being held on $100,000 bail. The sheriff’s office said it didn’t know if he had retained a lawyer.

As many as 10 suspects could have been involved in the assaults, investigators said.

Police had identified one suspect, 42-year-old Bert Hicks, who is serving time at Tehachapi State Prison on two felony sex counts and two abuse counts.

Hicks, a former worker at a Los Angeles care facility, is scheduled for release in 2012, according to sheriff’s officials.

The videos, received in the mail by authorities last March, show men sexually assaulting physically and mentally disabled women, some of them in diapers. Officials said it took months for investigators to digitally enhance the grainy footage and produce pictures and artist sketches of four of the suspects.

Parker said the tip line set up for the case was overloaded with the huge number of tips and inquiries coming in, just as investigators had hoped when making the information public.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response of quality information that has reached the detectives and is keeping them very, very busy,” Parker said. “They’re not getting any sleep. This is exactly what we wanted.”

Detectives believe the assaults occurred in 2007 or earlier, at a Los Angeles residential care facility where Lloyd was living. The name of the institution was not given, and it was unknown whether it was the same facility where Hicks worked.

Detectives also believe they have identified one of the victims, a former resident of the facility where Lloyd lived, and they are working to track her down.

Sgt. Dan Scott of the Sheriff’s Special Victims Bureau says he and other detectives “will not stop until we find her.”

“The best thing we can do for everyone, especially the victims, is to diligently follow every lead, work to find and protect the victims, arrest the suspects, and somehow bring some justice to these profoundly disturbing crimes,” Scott said in a statement.

The footage was not released to the public, but authorities described seeing horrific acts. In one video, an obese man in a wheelchair is seen pushing himself into a small bedroom while wearing a diaper. His back is covered in scars and he appears to be a paraplegic resident of a care facility.

The man pulls himself onto a woman’s bed, removes his own and her diaper, then assaults her, authorities said.

The videos came from an anonymous tipster who said a customer purchased a laptop on the streets of Inglewood and brought it to him to wipe the hard drive. Before doing so, he copied the videos and gave them to authorities.

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  1. Judy says:

    My mother inlaw was in a home here in sac and said that the lady next to her was being beat at night by the nurses. didn’t see any bruses or anything. So when her family came in I told them and they said she told them that also. She had demenchia and didn’t know what to believe. They checked her body and found bruses and cuts. Wow that started a law suit. So please people believe what they tell you or at least check it out. Dr’s diagnose them and then they are put in these homes because the family can’t or won’t take care of them. Keep your eyes and ears open. And visit them often.

  2. Marc Sac says:

    Isn’t diversity and tolerance great!

  3. Donna SF says:

    Nothing but pieces of garbage. These people do not deserve to be out in the public. Put them away for 50 years.

  4. Elliott the Cat says:

    @ Chris Webber Jr.

    Here are your boys, Your shinning members of society !

    You want to be like them and stand next to them ?

    The results will be the same !

  5. blah says:

    Every body should just take care of their elderly parents instead of putting them in a facility like that, Every parents dream to have kids, its because it was for their safety when they get old, so their kids can taking care of them…I will never do that to my parents or my kids do that to me when I get old…Its not worth it having kids when they can’t take care of you….right.

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