GEYSERVILLE, Calif. (AP) — California wildlife officials say more than 100 birds found dead near a highway in Sonoma County were likely hit by a truck.

Department of Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan tells the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa that necropsies of the European starlings showed they suffered broken necks. Investigators found no signs of gunshots.

California Highway Patrol officers found the dead birds Saturday near Highway 101 between Healdsburg and Geyserville. They called in state wildlife authorities to investigate.

Hughan says several birds will be sent to a state lab in Sacramento for further tests to rule out other causes.

The discovery in Sonoma County followed recent reports of other, larger bird deaths elsewhere in the country.

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Comments (20)
  1. Dave says:

    More fireworks I’m thinking…

    1. whtsista says:

      LMAO yes Dave I agree, I mean, it has to be fireworks, because that’s what our government is telling us. Never mind it’s not 4th of July, and never mind I’ve never heard of this happening before. Fireworks it is!

      1. ck says:

        uhhh, it was new years.

    2. Mr Ducks says:

      Could it be HAARP related? Electromagnetic frequencies bouncing off the Stratosphere and shooting back into the atmosphere causing birds to mentally fry, then die. Jeez, that’s as good of an explanation as another. No snow in DC, when the rest of the East is getting pummeled. Hundreds of birds dying in various places around the world. Sure, they were hit by a truck….nothing confusing there. Just another normal week. If Barack Obama suddenly gave a press conference in a ballerina dress I wouldn’t be shaken….everything is cleanly falling into place now. Pass the cheerios and gravy please…

  2. Whatsacominago says:

    Gee, it happened 3 days ago and now is a 2-paragraph story at the bottom of the page. Really? Oh, this is my favorite part: “Scientists say mass die offs of wildlife happen regularly, and are usually unrelated and unreported.” Really? NOW they are saying that?? Why didn’t the “scientists” say that two weeks ago when this started?? Oh, maybe because scientists are not really saying that.

  3. wearenotthisstupid says:

    or it could be the enormous amount of synthetic electro-magnetic frequencies we now have that are altering biological organisms. No, that’s too crazy. It must be ‘the end is near’ tragedy, or ‘fireworks’, or ‘they just die like that sometimes’.

  4. 916 lady says:


    They must really think we are stupid to believe this is a normal thing. Come on WORLD!!!!

  5. BSanders says:

    The likely culprit is hydrogen sulfide that is released from the geothermal plants in the area. Or, from a fissure from the earth and poisonous gases were released.

  6. Sue says:

    how do 100 birds get “hit by a truck”?!!

    1. MR DUCKS says:

      BIG truck. (mpg?)

  7. radman says:

    Maybe some swamp gas refracted off of Venus and hit a weather baloon……

  8. Skip says:

    Was this a case of flying truck or walking birds?

    1. Valntiki says:

      LMAO! Thats good ( :

  9. wingnut says:

    It was Obamas fault

  10. whtsista says:

    LMAO @ Skip-exactly what I was wondering!

  11. whtsista says:

    @CK uhhh this happened a week after New Years so NEXT!

  12. Charlie says:

    Maybe they were hit by a big MAC, or meybe they were SEMI- right.

  13. Valntiki says:

    I have 5 parrots..if I wake up some morning and all 5 are dead..I!….!

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