SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The State Franchise Tax Board building in Sacramento was evacuated due to a “flammable gas” smell that turned out to be a dead, rotting rodent, according to Sac Metro fire fighters.

Fire fighters originally labeled the situation as hazmat level 2 as a precaution after employees complained of being sickened by the smell.

It turns out the smell was coming from a dead, rotting rodent stuck inside a soda machine.

The building, located near Butterfield Way and Folsom Boulevard, has 1 million square feet of office and warehouse space.

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  1. Jim says:

    First a leaky pipe now a rotting rodent. State workers will do anything to get out of working

  2. Justin says:

    Are you fuggin kidding me? These State workers are too lazy to realize a soda machine smells like dead rat and nobody is capable of removing it? What pansies. Good to know tax dollars are paid to people who can even clean up a dead rodent.

    1. Fred says:

      Justin, come on now, you know that a review of job discriptions would have to take place before the union would let anyone touching that thing!!!

  3. Eric says:

    Yea so are they going to pay the $1500 bill for the fire dept comming out and the hazmat team fees as well or are WE??

  4. Marie says:

    The state leases out the concessions to make money off the state employees, so don’t blame the employees. Blame the concessioners.

  5. Derf says:

    I am having a hard time imagining a private company which must produce a product in order to get paid sending their work force home for such a reason.
    Sure I know about “the Safety of the workers” and the like.

    But to give up that many labor hours, plus the cost of wages, over rodent stuck in a candy machine if just foolish.

    Here is an idea…
    Work like your pay check and your employment depended on it.
    Look for a reason to work harder, not less.
    That is how the private sector stays in business.
    Keep on looking for reasons not to work, and you will get what you wish for.
    A classic example of Government waste with all of the “legally and politically correct reasons”
    And we honestly wonder why we can’t balance a budget.
    ( five bucks says that someone or ones at the Tax Board will take some paid time off because, well the stinky rat caused them emotional or physical distress)..
    Anyone want to take that bet.. I think not… in this Great State of California.

  6. Fred says:

    This only happened after a six hour department head meeting, with catered lunch, that ended in a 32 to 8 vote as to wether or not calling in a hazmat team violated and union rules. This was then submitted to the county supervisors for review who suggested calling the soda vendor to appear before a senate panel to explain how this could happen in a public employees lunch room. No wonder the thing started to stink!

  7. jed says:

    what a joke…….

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