NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) – Detectives in Nevada County have a mystery on their hands after finding a body off Interstate 80.

On Wednesday, deputies found a car on the eastbound lanes just before Boreal. 

They followed footprints in the snow which led them to a body in a creek 75 yards away from the car.

Officials have not been able to identify the man due to the condition of the body.

They’re running DNA and fingerprint tests to figure out his identity.

The coroner is still trying to determine the man’s cause of death.

Comments (7)
  1. Selmers says:

    Sounds like coyote lunch

  2. jw says:

    The guy got out of his car, walked to the creek and had a heart attack… big mystery…maybe he wanted to see a creek, maybe he had to pee, dozens of reasons he could have walked there…then he had the big one.

  3. Dyrtballz says:

    Simple people like ‘jw’ wants you to believe in the not-so obvious…75 yards away to urinate? or even dookie? That’s funny..but I am curious, so we will wait on the coroners report…

  4. the_bells says:

    OK! for just a moment of humor here remember the commercial “Missing With Sasquatch”. well maybe sasquatch got
    his jerky this time

  5. Frank says:

    if they find the owner of the car that may identify him, or let me guess the car was stolen.

  6. rin leddy says:

    If he had to relieve himself he would have chosen an exit, not a busy freeway. He also would not have walked far from his car if at all. My theory… He stopped on the freeway in hopes that he would be stopped before… or found quickly after… He shot himself in the head…

  7. Zzzzz says:

    Footprints appear to all be going the same way, did anyone come back? A true case for CSI. (Can’t stand idiots)

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