STOCKTON (CBS13) – One of Stockton’s lowest performing schools may be making some big changes.

Nightingale Elementary and Stockton Unified District leaders want to make it an all-boys school.

Officials say low test scores are forcing the district to do something drastic.

The district would turn Monroe Elementary into an all-girls school.

By segregating the sexes, the school district hopes it stops problems from the playground from spilling over into the classroom allowing children to focus on academics rather than social problems.

“There are issues of teasing and I hate to use the word romantic but there are issues of ‘you like her’, ‘he likes you’, ‘I don’t like that you like her and he likes you’ and those kind of things,” said Dan Wright of the Stockton Unified School District.

The district says if the plan is met with a lot of resistance they won’t go forward.

They plan on presenting it to the school board next month.

Comments (14)
  1. Vicki says:

    REally – teasing and “romantic” issues – doesn’t this occur at every elementary school every where. Why don’t we look into what the real problem in

  2. todd says:

    Stockton is terrible. Not only for their education systems but for crime, murder, etc. Burn the city to the ground.

    1. John L says:

      Not all of Stockton is bad todd, but a good portion is. If your comment was aimed at a city official, I’m sure they would come and arrest you for terrorist threats? LOL

    2. selena says:

      wat stockton is not terrible and there is never murders

  3. Jenny says:

    These two schools are in south side stockton and are low performing schools . They are now grasping at straws to come up with a reason why it is under performing instead of lying the blame where it should be . Bad teachers and parents that don’t care. How about the fact that the SUSD board member that covers this area lives in Davis and teaches as a subsitute in Woodland. Problem there maybe!!!

    1. Judy K. says:

      Great idea. All schools should be this way, it is much better for learning. You go Dsn Wright.

      1. maria says:

        Judy youd mess up people in society the real world isn’t same sex segrgated

    2. maria says:

      i go that nightingale school and the teachers are so good, parents not so good but students are improving im agirl and i hate same sex idea Jenny if you don’t know the problem dont put your plausable answer

  4. Larry says:

    Give me a break! Try teaching these kids insteed of segregating boys and girls teachers need to teach. Just more waste of money on stupid things that do not need to be done. Schools are for teaching so teach.

    1. Jeff says:

      My spouse teaches and it’s a nightmare with unruly children all day long. If only more schools would allow cameras in the classroom so parents could actually see how their children behave. But no, there maybe child predators watching, OH MY!!!

      My spouse actually tells the kids there is a camera and people are watching to get them to settle down. Maybe more parents should go to their childrens classrooms and sit in for a preview although I’m sure the kids would be model citizens then.

  5. Larry says:

    Jeff don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame the teachers. I blame the system back in my day teachers and parents were aloud to make kids behave and I don’t mean beat them. Kids today are aloud to get away with just about anything. If we went back to some old fashion teaching and parenting maybe kids today would have more respect and get a better eduction.

    1. Jeff says:

      I’m with ya Larry, a lot of finger pointing and NO ACTION.

  6. maria says:

    todd burning the city doesnt burn the people wat do you stocktons bad people in your city ?

  7. John says:

    Jenny, really? The test scores are low because the Trustee for the area allegedly doesn’t live there? If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Ramirez hasn’t been the Trustee for this area for the 25 years that this school has been having problems. Furthermore, Mr. Ramirez has represented his area very well and is one of the few board members to actually represent his constituents and is not just a rubber stamp for the Superintendent.
    Also, Jenny, the staff turnover rate is very high at Nightingale. So, you are saying that EVERY teacher that ends up there is terrible. There are actually very good teachers at that school.
    The truth is that SUSD has treated Nightingale as its “red-headed step child” for many years. District officials don’t ever show up until there are problems or the media is there. Most of them have to map quest the school before they come because they have no idea where it is. Always the top-down approach and never any input from those who actually live there or work there. The District will do what they want regardless of the overall sentiment of the community and staff.

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