PLACERVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — Parents of Placer County students can now buy discounted drug tests from high schools, a tactic that county officials hope will help cut down on what appears to be a rising drug use rate.

The inventive anti-drug campaign comes on the heels of a recent survey from a Placer County high school that found “half of the students” use marijuana.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department is making the $40 drug tests available for just $10 for parents in response to concerns over drugs in schools. The 10-panel urine test checks for methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and other drugs, officials said.

A simple $2 test to check for alcohol is also available, said Deputy Laurie Bettencourt.

Parents can buy the tests on campus from the school’s resource officers or at the sheriff’s offices.

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  1. jeff says:

    Pot is goody.Prescription drugs baddy…Beer and wine not so bad, whiskey is the devil.People who are against pot must hate music and love too…kids shouldn’t smoke, but adults should be allowed the choice

    1. joe blow says:

      No one should smoke.
      Smoking is caveman technology.

      Why waste your lungs, and health on smoking?

      All you cavemen should Google vaporizer, and get one fast.

    2. Ignoramous says:

      30,000+ drug cartel-related deaths in Mexico, of which Marijuana is the primary culprit. Casual, recreational drug use by dim-witted, slack-jawed Americans is an atrocity in the country through which said drugs are trafficked. Marijuana undermines public lucidity and competence. You smelly hippies disgust me; small wonder California is such a wretched mess.

  2. Steve says:

    i work in the drug testing industry. These “at home” tests are not a valid test. save your money. cheers

  3. pjs says:

    Jeff.. you are right.. pot is goody.. pot if for adults only and I have to say that were my children in high school, I’d test them and every friend they bring around… I don’t want to live in a police state, but I reserve the right to run my house as one..

    1. Kai says:

      You don’t want to live in a police state yet you’ll readily subject others to it? Sound thinking you weird tyrant

    2. Chris G. says:

      As a person who uses marijuana, I say hat’s fine. God bless you for being a strict parent.

      You are absolutely right: the only way to may strong in-roads against drug use in the US would be to live in a total police state. Do we really want that, in a nation that prides itself in liberty & justice for all? Should we start mass executions of or give long prison sentences to drug “abusers”? If we ever get serious about fighting drugs, that that – or LEGALIZING THEM – is our only option.

      As for me & my house, I prefer LIBERTY & State’s Rights over a Police State any & every time.

    3. bobo says:

      If you don’t know if your kid is using pot or not, it’s too late. You either connect with your kids or lose them in their teen years.

  4. mbbrumm says:

    I lived in Auburn CA for 11 years. This piece is completely inconsistent. The article does not mention which high school the survey was done at. Placer High School in one of the smaller high schools in Placer county. The by line of Placerviille is also questionable as mentioned above. Placerville is across the cannon in El Dorado County (it takes the better part of an hour to drive from Auburn to Placerville so it is hard to mistake being in one or the other). So either the by line is wrong or they were talking to the El Dorado County Sheriff (take your pick). It is sad the state of the reporting. If the reporter can not get the elementary geography correct, how likely is it that the statistics and the policy being reported is correct? It makes me wonder what substance the reporter was using (was not even aware where he was).

  5. ron says:

    China has to do no more to take over the world, than just wait until these punks grow up – Sad!

  6. Chris G. says:

    So half of the student body has tested positive for marijuana. How’s that Drug War workin’ out for ya?

    RE-LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. That, plus a major revival among the American People, are the ONLY answers to our nation’s drug “problem”. Prohibition has FAILED. Deal with it!

  7. Todd says:

    I would throw them all in jail for a month, then after they dry out I would give them one strike policy at high school, get caught one more time, they get kicked out of high school for life, and they also receive only half benefits from the US government for not completing high school.

    Marijuana is for dopes, these kids cannot see next week, let alone the vast array of bright futures they are throwing away. i wish I could take all away somewhere else to start over.

    1. REF says:

      This is the most ham-fisted, idiotic response to pot use I’ve ever heard. Jail for a month? One strike policy at high school? Who do you propose pays for this scheme? Do you think jail has really ever convinced ANYONE to stop smoking weed?

      I know many people with “bright futures” – indeed successful careers – that happen to smoke weed regularly. I know people that have absolutely wrecked their lives on legal intoxicants too. It’s because of people like you that I fear for the future of our country, not some high school kids experimenting with pot.

      1. Todd says:

        The type of jail and prisons I have in mnd wouldn’t cost much, the inmates don’t want to live by society’s rules, then they can support themselves on their own rules, including growing their own food, cleaning their own habitiat, making their own furniture or paying for these things.

        A tough jail where the inmates are in charge would be terrificly fearsome, and therefore would be convincing.

    2. Diamondback says:

      Me too! I too wish you could take all away somewhere else to start over.

      Maybe China would work for ya? Venzuela? Cuba? Oh, I know, Iran.

      Bon Voyage!

    3. Fred says:

      Good thinking. These kids need help, so let’s throw them out of school and into the street. Jail also sounds like a wonderful option. I’ve got a better idea though. Why don’t we just line them all up against the wall and blow their brains out? Then they’ll never use drugs again!

      1. Todd says:

        The way to help kids is to expect and demand more, because I believe in them and their capability.

        Alternatively, helping them by coddling their juvenile tendencies is to think less of them, and enables their stagger toward antipathy, meaninglessness, and death.

      2. Sam says:

        Todd If you practiced what you preach you would be able to convince a child to stop “bad habits” by example. You expect more from someone by leading them towards the right choices not trying to take away the wrong ones. However your suggestion to use police to enforce your moral laws shows that you aren’t capable of that. Since younger people don’t respect you, and won’t follow you as a leader, you choose to parent, lead, teach, ect through totalitarian laws. Won’t work, never has

    4. Davie Jones says:

      Good idea. Let’s kick them out of school so they can wind up uneducated and dependent on the system (or crime) to get by. Then they can vote for whoever appeals to them (usually a Democrat).

      On second thought, that doesn’t sound so good. Let’s just kill anyone who tests positive for drugs in their system (uhhh, except alcohol of course, because we all know that is harmless).

    5. M. Simon says:


      Death penalty for pot use.

      And that is no joke. It is sarcasm.

  8. J says:

    IF people smoke , that means there is a market for it. Lets drug test CONGRESS, I bet they got more pills, booze, and pot in them than most. Also it’s only a crime if you make it a crime. It’s all about the real EVIL…….money

  9. Clint says:

    At least these kids who are toking up will havelower rates of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease than their peers who don’t use marijuana. The shocking news is that using marijuana is the best way to to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and it has powerful antitumor activity.

  10. David says:

    Great idea, as long as the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, the school board, the teachers, and the parents, all take the same test.

  11. DSalazar says:

    Placerville is in El dorado County not Placer. Also, the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Association paid for the tests, not the Sheriff’s Office. The deputies paid for this program out of their own pockets.

  12. Jim Sweet says:

    I’m not a big fan of the WOD – Marijuana Division, but I’ll give some cred to a school district whose idea of this is to empower parents to live up to their responsibility for their own kids.

  13. Hillbilly Back says:

    Only one nation in recorded history successfully suppressed the use of intoxicating substances: Communist China. How did they do it? The penalty for getting caught with any illegal substance was death. That’s Death, no attorney fees or appeals.

    People who smoked weed in America 60 years ago were members of a secret society. They accepted the responsibilities that came with smoking weed when being arrested with one joint could get you ten years in prison. Pot smokers today are a lot of rich, baby-crying, paranoid wussbags with delusions of grandeur. Just sayin’…Look in the mirror, am I wrong?

    1. Sam says:

      Statistically….yes you are wrong

  14. Nunya says:

    If had to learn my teenager was on something – I would rather pot than the “real” gateway drugs: alcohol and pharmaceuticals. I was about to get on my horse and tell of the studies that prove marijuana is least harmful than all the “drugs” including tobacco, but you know what? Educated people know it, and so does the government. Marijuana’s only noticeable side effect that was shown in multiple studies: a decrease in violence!
    GEE, who would want that and how could the govt make $ off it?

  15. J. C. says:

    Pot is bad news!!!! But if we legalize pot , then leagalize Brothels and Pedophiles too. After all adults have the right to choose.

    1. Ringo says:

      what an idiotic statement,clown!

    2. Sam says:

      Smoking pot doesn’t hurt anyone except allegedly the user. Pedophiles infringe on the rights of children with their actions. Please learn what liberty is or we will continue to slowly lose it

  16. HarryObrian says:

    The use of dope is rampant, even in corporations. I’ve worked for some of the largest telecommunications companies and over half of all their managers smoke dope on the job so it’s not surprising that their children are pot heads also.

    1. M. Simon says:

      How can they be doing that? Drugs are prohibited. You can’t get them. I’m sure prohibited means unavailable. How can they be smoking?

      And that is no joke. It is sarcasm.

  17. Zack says:

    Wow, half of these responses from people are absolutely ludicrous. Throw the kids in jail? Have a one strike policy? Have any of you clowns even smoked marijuana? I smoke pot regularly, and I am a fully functioning member of society, with a degree and a full time job.

    Todd, do you drink alcohol? If so, you are doing much more damage to your body, and lowering your inhibitions far more than smoking a joint at the end of the day. It’s people like you that are the problem,

    People really need to do their research on what pot actually does to the user. Zero deaths have ever been attributed the marijuana, no cases of cancer, etc etc, I could go on forever.

    Is pot for kids? No. Should we take such an extreme stance on the issue? Absolutely not. As someone said before me, prohibition doesn’t work. It’s failed with alcohol, and it’s obviously failing with marijuana.

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