PLACERVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — Parents of Placer County students can now buy discounted drug tests from high schools, a tactic that county officials hope will help cut down on what appears to be a rising drug use rate.

The inventive anti-drug campaign comes on the heels of a recent survey from a Placer County high school that found “half of the students” use marijuana.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department is making the $40 drug tests available for just $10 for parents in response to concerns over drugs in schools. The 10-panel urine test checks for methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and other drugs, officials said.

A simple $2 test to check for alcohol is also available, said Deputy Laurie Bettencourt.

Parents can buy the tests on campus from the school’s resource officers or at the sheriff’s offices.

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  1. Bob says:

    Any article on pot drags out all the stoners………….shows that it consumes their lives, takes priority over everything else for them. Enjoy you rpot boys and girls.

    1. berty says:

      Your logic is flawed, i’m afraid.

  2. John P. says:

    Many of you pot smokers like to use the phrase “Police State” to decry any attempts to curtail marijuana use in our schools. Fast forward 10 or 15 years to a headline that reads, “1/2 of high school students use cocaine or meth- amphetamines.” You are ok I guess when kids are high while taking their biology test but how do you feel about them progressing to the point where they begin to turn their brains into fried green tomatoes. Where do you draw the line on drug use or do you ever? And if you do draw one somewhere, aren’t you implicitly going to need some form of “police state” to back up your limits? Just wondering.

    1. matt says:

      If I’m not harming or threatening the safety of others (28 year old smoker, working, no police record) what business is it of yours what I choose to smoke, eat, drink, buy, read, or do?

      1. Snarf says:

        ” what business is it of yours what I choose to smoke, eat, drink, buy, read, or do?”

        So by that “logic”, kiddie porn is OK?

        Further flawed “logic” – you are doing something illegal, but say you have no police record.

        So as long as you avoid arrest, all is good?

      2. Chris says:

        It is called individual responsibility. And if you are engaging in a criminal activity then it is a collective responsibility. You have an implicit responsibility to be a productive contributing member of society and to comport your self within the laws of the community in which you reside. If you choose not to do so then you will eventually be caught or become unable to continue to be a contributing member of society and then you become a drain on that community, either through incarceration paid for by my tax dollars, or through an accident/wreck/other disabling event as a result of your drug use, again paid for by my tax dollars. Not only that, but your drug use brings in a criminal element to grow/distribute the substance and that means the community must hire more police to fight the crime. Again, my tax dollars going to combat/control your habit. I would rather see you and others find other outlets for your addictive behaviors, perhaps exercising, or community involvement. Then you would not be a drain, but rather a contributing member of society. As it is, it is easy to see that you believe you are harming no one with your habit, but you fail to realize the long term impacts and consequences of what you are doing. By your usage you are contributing to an ‘entitlement” mentality where what you want to do is ok and we should just accept it. I don’t buy into that philosophy, but you have foisted tacit acceptance on me because I have to pay the burden your habit inevitably places on society. You have no police record yet, doubt you are earning as much as you could be earning if you weren’t engaged in illicit behaviors since you can’t pass a simple drug test. So in sum total you are operating below your peak abilities and yet that is alright with you. Some of us on the other hand eschew your behavior and consequently we are earning a higher wage and contributing more of our hard earned dollars in tax revenue to make up for the less than stellar performers.

      3. Jagged little pill says:

        Well while you have a couple of good points personal responsibility is a double edged sword. As a society we decided that Alcohol and Cigarettes were less harmful than marijuana about a hundred years ago, which is quite a while in terms of scientific advancement, as well as information sharing.

        For instance, we now know that marijuana is not nearly as harmful as we originally thought, first off it is physically impossible to overdose or “kill” yourself with pot, it is used as a medication for cancer patients and as a pain medication among other uses. It also has negative effects like causing short term memory loss, erectile disfunction, and lung cancer. Cigarettes and alcohol have all these negative effects and more than I could possibly name in this post, in addition to the fact that they kill MILLIONS of people a year combined, both directly and even indirectly.

        As we progress scientifically and produce studies that reinforce these facts it becomes harder to see exactly why we outlawed Marijuana in the first place. You can find all kinds of info on the internet and it seems that there was a lot of pressure being applied by the timber and tactile industries as hemp and hemp oil were useful alternatives to wool, paper and the like. Take that with a grain of salt as there is no easy way to find out exactly why it was banned but when you put it up to a microscope against alcohol and cigarettes, what exactly is different, why is one legal and the other not?

        In summary if we as a society have enough “personal responsibility” to consume alcohol and cigarettes, why aren’t we afforded the right to smoke marijuana? Are we supposed to blindly follow laws founded a century ago in direct contradiction to the information we now know? Doesn’t being part of a democratic society DEMAND that we stand up in the face of what we think is wrong and utilize our first amendment rights to create a country that is fair and equal and represents the citizens that live under it’s flag?

        Just a thought

    2. Me says:

      Only in the USA… So glad I am Canadian

    3. brad says:

      8:10 hardcore drug users I “know” don’t even smoke pot. but the do drink….

    4. Chris G. says:

      Where do I draw the line? That’s a very simple question to answer. You can read it @ this link:

    5. Keyser Soze says:

      We, as a society already do draw a line when it comes to drug use. The drugs alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are accepted and widely used. There have been many studies done into the harmfulness of marijuana in a comparison to these socially accepted drugs. The fact is that recreational marijuana use is less harmful, and less addictive to people than the others. So it would seem that where we draw the line is moot, and in the end marijuana was made illegal for business reasons, particularly gasoline engines, and nylon rope, and it was pushed through with racism.

      Do some research dude.

    6. mgbrattland says:

      So Placerville is now in Placer County?….Pretty interesting reporting or is it in El Dorado County? What does the Placerville bi-line have to do with Placer County?

      1. Old Hippie says:

        I could understand that goof if this was USA Today, but a local news outlet?

    7. Jason says:

      Are you okay with teens drinking coffee? How about caffeinated soda? Those are drugs, but they are on another level right? I am comparing apples and oranges, because cannabis is not the same as caffeine, right?. Well the same goes for comparing cannabis to cocaine and meth. You are using a slippery slope argument. It’s a logical fallacy plain and simple. You draw the line where the drugs are damaging. Cannabis not only lacks any significant dangers, but it provides health benefits. Come back when you have something intelligent to say, John.

  3. Tom says:

    Man made beer, God made pot. God is perfect, man is not.

    1. Dunnyveg says:

      God didn’t plant marijuana. The Mexican banditos did that!

      1. Me says:

        Cannabis is a plant. It grows naturally.

    2. Bob says:

      Oh. So God picked that plant, dried it, and rolled it into a joint, then lit it on fire for you to inhale from? Nope… you did that.

      Also, God made hops and barley. Man didn’t make those; they just fermented them.

      Your argument makes absolutely zero sense, but you probably didn’t bother to think about that, now did you?

  4. Bob says:

    God doesn’t exist, pot is enjoyable and harmless. Any harm is brings upon you is your own fault. Let that be the end of it.

  5. Kevin says:

    It is obvious to me that most Americans are on drugs, legal or illegal ones….

  6. david says:

    tom, God also made hemlock – He did not say I should consume it.
    Maybe it is your logic that is NOT perfect

    1. profbacchus says:

      Nor is your interpretation of the book of Genesis.

  7. jake says:

    Good luck getting any of your students to ever fill out another survey….or to let you know if they see a crime taking place at school…very risky move to betray the trust of your students in this way….

  8. Charles says:

    Pot is a naturally occuring plant that has been villanized for a good part of the last 100 years. Pot is perfectly harmless in moderation, and it even has medically beneficial qualities. I am a highschool student and I would be the first one to say that in my opinion the “gateway” affect is propoganga that has been perpetuated by serving as an easy excuse for drug addicts. You take hard drugs on your own by your own choice. Seeing as marijuana is not addictive, and it is impossible for you to overdose on it I find it incredibly hard to be believe that something so innocent puts people in prison while people walk around the street smoking ciggarettes and it is perfect acceptable. Tired of the moronic rhetoric that our country feels it is obligated to uphold

    1. Old Hippie says:

      How come a high school kid is smarter than half the adults in this country? Because he can read!

  9. st sreg wr qrt says:


  10. TV says:

    Wow, 1/2 of students have a medical condition that can ONLY be helped by pot? Or is the result when you tell them that drugs are bad but medical use of pot is ok? Medical pot should be repealed.

    1. KR says:

      14 year-olds don’t follow political discourse and most probably don’t that “medical marijuana” exists. They some weed because it feels good, their friends do it, and it is a way to rebel.

    2. profbacchus says:

      Yeah, instead we put kids on Ritalin because parents and teachers can not handle a bit of hype activity in some children. Specifically boys.

  11. scott says:

    Keep trying to stop its growth and you’ll find more and more people are smoking everyday to relief the stress from work or the stress made by the same people that say its illegal(Government). We waste money one trying to stop people smoking when we should be educating safe use and responsible use.

  12. Liddie says:

    Marijuana according to many studies causes lung cancer, schizophrenia, paranoia, A-motivational syndrome, DNA changes, sexual problems, holes in the brain, macular degeneration and, lowers the immune system. Don’t the schools teach students the devastating effects of all drugs including marijuana. The information is easy to research on the Web and medical studies.

    1. derpy says:

      Haha, holes in the brain. classic ignorance

    2. profbacchus says:

      nervousness headache increased heart rate
      anxiety upset stomach irregular heartbeat
      irritability, GI irritation, elevated blood pressure
      agitation, heartburn, increased cholesterol
      tremors, diarrhea, nutritional deficiencies
      insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration
      depression, dizziness and bed wetting.

      We need to get to work on legislation to ban caffeine.

    3. John k. says:

      DNA Changes? really? please sir, cite your sources. I’m going to pretend you didn’t say DNA changes because that’s just silly and proves you have no concept of how DNA actually works.

      lets tackle at least one of your claims because they are mostly bogus. in fact not a single death in the US has been caused by marijuana. here is a legitimate artical from the Washington post on your lung cancer :

      many other legitimate studies have come to the same conclusion.

      unfortunately I have real work to do today or I would tackle each one of your claims individually, so any other folks who want to pick this up please go ahead.

      by the way, I might smoke a little from time to time. I have a great job, a fantastic family and work my ass off. I have never been stoned and threatened any violence on anyone as your good friend alcohol might have someone do.

      I know a post like this probably wont change your mind. but I do urge you to open your mind a little bit and read some actual case studies instead of shooting off whatever propaganda you may have heard or made up.

  13. M says:

    Did anyone catch the fact that you must get the subsidised test through the POLICE DEPARTMENT!

  14. Hugh Askew says:

    A good reason not to smoke dope: It is illegal.
    Simple enough that even a pothead should be able to understand it – ‘tho many won’t.

    1. profbacchus says:

      Spitting is also illegal in most states but you know how often that is enforced.

    2. Jagged little pill says:

      When you ban cigarettes and alcohol I’ll stop smoking pot, deal?

  15. Mike T. says:

    It is my understanding the selling these screens on an individual basis is illegal. A method of confirmation must be included at the sales price. This is an FDA requirement. Both the seller and the manufacturer can be charged.

  16. Lolo says:

    It is apparent by the ridiculous comments here that there are a lot of pot users. It shows by the stupid statements and outright lies about pot.

    An Old Hippie you are the absolute dumbest.

    Show me a dope smoker and I will show you a total loser.

    1. profbacchus says:

      Sir Richard Branson
      Rick Steves
      Aaron Sorkin
      Michael Phelps
      Barack Obama
      Michael Bloomberg
      Ted Turner
      Montel Williams
      Stephen King
      Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Bill Murray
      Steve Jobs
      William Shakespeare
      And Bill Gates hints to having smoked.
      What a bunch of loosers!!!!

    2. Jagged little pill says:

      I can show you millions of losers who don’t smoke pot. What’s your point?

  17. crypticguise says:

    Amazing how many adult “potheads” continue to claim that marijuana is harmless as their brains just slooooooooooooooowwwww down with each drag. IDIOTS! Why do people need to medicate themselves?

    1. Jagged little pill says:

      Ritalin, Advil, Tylenol 3, Perkasets, Oxycontin = Legal + caused countless deaths
      Alcohol, cigarettes = Legal + caused countless deaths
      Pot = Illegal and yet to claim one victim

      Way to go war on drugs!

  18. Tim Andrews says:

    There is no sense in debating pot smokers as their minds are fried and they will never believe that there is anything wrong with their drug of choice. Even though the AZ shooter was a heavy pot user they will defend his use as medicinal. we all see how well that worked out. Anyways, I do not want to debate them as they are a lost cause but I will say I support the program. This program will help parents that are trying to raise productive members of society. They want their kids to have a good life and using druugs in high school is the first step towards destroying those plans. Give them the help they need before their kid turns out to be the next intervention episode.

    1. Jagged little pill says:

      You avoid debating individuals who are pro marijuana because you are tired of losing debates.

      Ban alcohol and cigarettes and then you can have the higher moral ground.

    2. profbacchus says:

      You must be a liberal. Can’t and won’t debate the issue but will make personal attacks on character without proof.
      Nice job lib.
      BTW – One of this worlds largest mass murder Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, a Catholic a non-drinker and did not use drugs. We see how well believing in God and living a healthy lifestyle has worked out.
      What a goofball statement you’ve made. : 🙂

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