PLACERVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — Parents of Placer County students can now buy discounted drug tests from high schools, a tactic that county officials hope will help cut down on what appears to be a rising drug use rate.

The inventive anti-drug campaign comes on the heels of a recent survey from a Placer County high school that found “half of the students” use marijuana.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department is making the $40 drug tests available for just $10 for parents in response to concerns over drugs in schools. The 10-panel urine test checks for methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and other drugs, officials said.

A simple $2 test to check for alcohol is also available, said Deputy Laurie Bettencourt.

Parents can buy the tests on campus from the school’s resource officers or at the sheriff’s offices.

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  1. Happy Gilmore says:

    Too many parents think “THEIR KID” is an angel. Naive!

    At least in Wiconsin, parents can order free home drug test kits online using links to a THIRD PARTY ( to remain anonymous. The links to the third party are available on local police department and school websites.

    Home drug testing is clearly necessary, but it should be between kids and their parents, not the schools!

    1. rusty shackleford says:

      clearly necessart? how messed up are you? nazi parents. not normal.

      1. ken patson says:

        Please investigate what the word Nazi means before throwing it in to a discussion. The overuse of the word has caused any shock value it once had to fade. I think the use of the word now says more about the person using it than it does about the person they are criticizing. Is a diagram ‘necessart’ for you to follow that one?

      2. david martin says:

        Obviously you are a drug user and not a parent.

      3. nicename says:

        soapbox derby champion!

    2. profbacchus says:

      Too many parents are not active in their children’s lives.
      Instead of getting active in their lives; they opt to go once again to the school and/or the police to do the parenting for them.

      1. Joe Sixpack says:

        You do realize that Bacchus is the Roman god of drunken orgies, right?

    3. Concerned Citizen says:


      1. ken patson says:

        I agree that for most parents this should not be necessary. But seriously, have you ever experienced anything like a police state? Do you not see how much freedom you have in this country? I think that unless there is a known problem and a question of one’s safety is involved, these tests should not be used. If a student who is under the influence of drugs harmed another member of society, we’d complain that they weren’t diligent enough.

      2. Who Cares what my name is.... says:

        FREEDOM??? Not in the town I live in…And are we going to discuss how many crimes are commited by “stoners” or do we want to lump addicts in with those people who DO enjoy hitting their bong or maybe drinking a glass of wine here and there?

      3. Chuck Curry says:

        I think it’s because we know what police states are that we don’t want to BECOME one. It’s not like they grow on trees. Trying to stop the little steps does not make one paranoid, or does it? Do we have to wait until a police state is formed before we can comment on the likelihood of it forming? Do you watch your gauges while you drive, or just wait until something blows up?

      4. ken patson says:

        Good point about the gauges. But this isn’t schools or a government entity doing the testing–just parents. It is their responsibility as a parent. If the school or county was doing drug testing I’d feel differently. I do feel that these tests should be used as a last resort, when communication and trust have been exhausted. I’m sure that some parents will give the test for misguided reasons.

      5. Concerned Citizen says:

        yes i have experienced police states and different countries I have lived in about 5 different countries and been all over the world, and it saddens me to see my country degrading further and further placing more un-necessary restrictions, there are things i am grateful for here, as well as somethings i deem to be pointless. I have served in the military for over 5 years and I am a civilian again, I have seen all sides of the argument and I think drugtesting your children can only lead to BIGGER PROBLEMS, when i have kids I will not drug test them, rather i will have talks to them and tell the the truth about each drug. you start drugtesting kids they will find cheaper (hidden) ways to get high like i said earlier inhalents which can be extremely deadly, marijuana is harmless and in my eyes less of an issue than alcohol, and its a shame that parents buy into the hype of drugtesting their children.

      6. ken patson says:

        I think there are some instances where drug testing may have to be done by parents to ensure the safety of the child and other family members. Alcohol use by teens, and prescription drug abuse, are problems that can definitely be more deadly than marijuana use. Also, the tests were for a longer list of drugs that included meth. Many in the posting area seem only to be concerned with testing for weed. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

      7. cbm says:

        We live in a police state, Ken. Stop kidding yourself.

      8. Jinx1338 says:

        I kind of agree. Parents do have to take an active roll in their childrens lives. If the parents have earned any respect over the years their words will carry alot of weight, but if you lie to the kids they will think everything you say is a lie. Just think before you speak and be prepared for the retort and you will do fine. There are no bad children only bad parents.

      9. Joe Sixpack says:

        When are the parents gonna talk to the kids? They drop em off at 7:30 so they, both parents, can go work for the man, which they’ve probably been doing since the kid was 8 months old. The kids get 6 hours of busywork homework per day and are chronically sleep deprived. The one hour or two the kids get to themselves per day is spent watching the false reality of television, or playing first person shooter video games. The parents are strangers to them, and as soon as the kid is old enough, our culture says they must leave the nuclear family in order to get their own debt for cars, houses, etc. Everything is totally messed up. It’s not Tom Sawyer America anymore.

      10. Who Cares says:

        So by now we(as a nation) have a couple of generations that have been raised by whichever state they live in….And how’s that all working out? Joe Sixpack: you are NOT a moron….Yay! Do we have any other humans in this counrty that still feel free to think for themselves or are we now living under the American flag in a socialist nightmare????

      11. Jerk says:

        You are an idiot. Police state!? Because parents test their kids for drugs? GTFO.

    4. DSalazar says:

      The tests are provided by the deputy sheriffs association and can be picked up AT the schools. The schools are only involved as being a location to pick up the tests. That is all.

  2. Turboat says:

    Thanks Sarah Palin!!!

    1. spence318 says:

      Sarah????? are you nut’s it is clearly BUSH’S fault…..

      1. ken patson says:

        Do you always feel the need to find some entity far removed from yourself to blame for problems near you? Could you share with us you list of who is to blame for all the problems you see around you? Do you have a list of solutions to go along with it? Are you on that list of solutions?

    2. Chris G. says:

      Don’t blame Sarah Palin — she isn’t the Drug Warrior that VP Biden & Sens. Dianne Feinstein or Chuck Schumer are. In fact, I heard her say that despite her not being in favor of re-legalizing marijuana, she does believe that we need to focus our law enforcement priorities on fighting violent crime & drop marijuana law enforcement down a notch.

  3. dan says:

    Kids learn from adults, folks.

  4. John says:

    Well the last 20 years of Americas presidents all did it. So I guess its not that bad.

  5. rek says:

    Turboat, you’re an idiot.

  6. rek says:

    It’s Bush’s fault, and you know it!

  7. ARE YOU SURPRISED ? says:


  8. Joe Sixpack says:

    It’s all the 49’er miner descendants gettin’ high.

  9. Joe Sixpack says:

    If it was 1850, the parents in Nevada City would be lookin’ for gold while the kids were drinking whiskey out of a hose connected to a giant barrel. So, maybe this is an improvement.

  10. Jinx1338 says:

    WOW that is a high usage rate!
    It looks like the drug war works.


  11. Joe Sixpack says:

    By the way, Placerville is in El Dorado County in the Motherlode. Placer County is home of Auburn, Colfax, etc. Both in Gold Country. The kids in El Dorado County are probably close to 75% high on pot, cause their parents grow it in the backwoods to sell to yuppie co-ops, and then their big dogs try to kill me when I innocently ride my bike down a dirt road, as happened yesterday. Luckily, I’m packin’ a dog pistol, and I haven’t had to actually kill a dog yet, cause they are scared of loud noises.

  12. Luna says:

    Not really surprised by this, however I do agree. Finding out your kid is on coke or meth has to be a shocker to most parents, Pot however, really shouldn’t be a “drug” but also should have a age limit like cigarrets which might I add are far more deadly then pot is.

  13. sojourner109 says:

    This effort is unfortunately misguided, though perhaps well intentioned. I’ve been a professional in this industry for 22 years and need to let people in on the “dirty little secret” about all such “instant results SCREENING devices”, meaning they are not what the law defines as a real “TEST”, e.g. the results generated by them cannot bear scrutiny thus they are not evidentiary in a court of law due to their inherent flaws concerning accuracy. The secret: They have a huge propensity for generating FALSE NEGATIVES, something the manufacturers do not want exposed. That means there is an unacceptably high likelihood they will NOT detect sunstances that are actually present: FALSE NEGATIVES. Since specimens, especially those thought to be “negative”, are not confirmed by legitimate, “confirmation testing” at a real, SAMHSA certified laboratory no one is the wiser; people think substances are not being used by that individual and the sales of these “novelty” devices continues. This integrity/accuracy issue has been well known by researchers within the industry for over 10 years but the profitable market for these devices would disappear overnight if the public became educated about this. $10? Unfortunately, these devices aren’t worth $0.10 because one can never trust a “Negative” result generated by any them; the technology just isn’t there despite manufacturer’s claims to the contrary.

  14. steve stevenson says:

    buy discounted drug test
    sell on market at non discount rate
    buy drugs

  15. Who cares says:

    So we are regulating PLANTS??? Whose side is this country leaning towards? The Creator or santanic destruction? I don’t use drugs and the marijuana laws are RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

  16. spence318 says:

    only half? well that’s California could be worse could be Memphis where half the school is pregnant.. the war is over and we have lost

    1. Who Cares says:

      The war against what? Kids are curious and they are taught ALL about every kind of drug at school….I grew up hearing, “try anything at least once and if you like it, do it again….” And again…marijuana is not “drugs,” it is a PLANT! As addictive as a tomato….Sheep are so easily led by retoric that perhaps it IS good we have some bizarre laws on the books just so all of the thinking humans of this world will know who those dangerous people are!

      1. Paul Anton says:

        Marijuana is a plant, but the strains grown for sale today are genetically modified forms with much higher concentrations of THC than found in nature. The natural form MIGHT be non-addictive, but the “enhanced” variety is a different matter.

      2. Who Cares says:

        THC is THC…You just need to smoke less of it when it is a better strain(thus lessening the effects of smoking)….

    2. Chuck Curry says:

      Yes, but at least they’re not smoking cigarettes.

  17. DOWNLOW says:


  18. Joe Sixpack says:

    Check out John Taylor Gatto on the YouTube. Teacher, Educator of the Year, Author. He talks about what everybody knows deep down, schools are incarceration centers of indoctrination and non-learning. Kids need drugs to cope with how F’ed up it is. Wait until they find out that the bankers run the country and they won’t all be rich doctors and lawyers. In fact, they’ll have no real education, a worthless “college” degree, tons of debt, and no inkling about the real history of Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson fighting the central banks which have ultimately won. Might as well get high, kids.

  19. edger wallace says:

    Average age for puberty in the 1960’s was 12 for girls and 14 for boys, today it is 9yrs. & 4mos. for girls – does that mean they can resposibly drink also? Guess what’s the average age for puberty in boys today – later – I’ll bet many have already gone to pot by then

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