KHTK Sports 1140 has received an official release from Joe and Gavin Maloof regarding any questions about a new arena in Sacramento for the Sacramento Kings or relocating the franchise to a different city.

“We are focused on improving our basketball team each day and therefore will have no further comment on our arena situation at this time.”
— Joe and Gavin Maloof

Comments (12)
  1. MC57 says:

    If you are turly trying to improve the Kings; You would sell them to a owner who is also a BBall Man. How can you say that you are focused on improving the team on a daliy basis, have you seen thier ( Record). My Money would be better spent checking ot a SAC HIGH GAME. Maybe then I will see the home team win. THANKS for NOYHING. See you in Seattle.

  2. Timothy Jack Brown says:

    you can kiss the kings bye bye bye bye bye bye Cowtown cant do it …….

  3. Bob says:

    Go Go and be gone, we dont want you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been the pawns for the Maloofs Kings too long

  4. Muevete says:

    Their record is 9-30. That arena is like a ghost town on game nights. Lots of empty seats. Ticket prices are out of control. The Maloof’s are trying to get a new arena, and threatening us with a move if they don’t get it. Hear this Maloofs, Take your 9-30 team and feel free to leave. Don’t worry about spitting in the faces of those fans that have supported you and your team all these years. We’ll get over it.

  5. SteveV says:

    The KIngs suck! We don’t want you Maloofs…scoot out of town!

  6. NO NEW ARENA says:

    There is NO WAY the taxpayers of Sacramento should be saddled with paying for a bond to build these Las Vegas playboys a new arene!

    If they want an ‘arena dream’, let the Magoofs pay for it !!!

  7. Dean says:

    Why so negative, people? I’m sure the Maloofs are working with the Power Balance people as we speak, to develop a special ankle bracelet for Kings players that will give them super powers. It will be bigger than flubber.

  8. darrin says:

    Why do all the haters continue to write in? Beside basketball we’re going to be stuck with seeing concerts at the 1000 year old Memorial Aud. No more Ice shows, Monster trucks, Bull riding etc. Once the Malloof leave the buliding will be torn down and the land sold. So if you people want that stuff to remain you’re going to have to build a new arena anyway or go to Stockton for entertainment. This is such a small minded town for it to be called the Capitol.

  9. Spike says:

    Shameful. Maybe if they had a team that was worth the price of a ticket then Sacramento would do something to help, but until then I wave “bye bye” to the Kings. It will be like they were never here in the first place.

  10. Pete says:

    What a bunch of civic and economic morons.

  11. Bill says:

    When the Kings leave town, the playboy Maloofs who have spent almost all of daddy’s money should pay back the $70 Million to the City of Sacramento that they still owe.

  12. DontUnderstandUPeople says:

    Agree with Darrin, Sacamento needs more deserves more. Many of you who complain are not willing to do anything, but complain. Like EVERY team, there is a down time and a high time. When they are good, you all are on the bandwagon. When times are tough, you’re upset, you’re “fair weathered” people. Their time will come again…Why do all of you who are bitter about the Kings keep reading these articles and writing in? You all must really care about them if you’re so anxious to chime in. It’s not just about the Kings, it’s about the citiy, and from what all you write, no wonder this city is the way it is.

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