COLFAX (CBS13) –  Three Placer County teens convicted of assault are being allowed to leave jail during the week and go to school.

Hunter Peres, Sam Quinland and Sean Steele pled guilty to throwing rocks and other items from an overpass in Colfax.

One rock crashed through a man’s windshield and hit him in the face.

The three teenagers were sentenced to ten months in juvenile hall.

But Tuesday, the teens were let out of jail early and allowed to return to school.

The victim says he forgives the teens.

“They did a big mistake and I hope they learn because of that situation and they can do something good in their life,” said rock-throwing victim Jose Palomera.

The three teens will serve time on the weekends.

Comments (9)
  1. LM916 says:

    And victim was HIspanic..

    1. lm917 says:

      And the victim forgave them (you idiot)

  2. r.l. wills says:

    oh for heavens sake, get a life. Color had nothing to do with it.

  3. Fred Jones says:

    And the judge was black…so?

  4. cc says:

    I hate to agree with you but I do…more than the color of their skin, they came from more affluent families. These boys should attend school in Juvenile Hall just like all the other detainees.

  5. lm917 says:

    and not habitual criminals (I agree with them going to jail but it’s not a bad thing to let them out for real school instead of crime-school).
    And of course … you’re a racist…

  6. Dani I says:

    The question is why are these teens in Jail and not Juvey? If they were in juvey then school would be required while in custody.How is it a punishment when they get to go hang out with their friends all week? What a joke placer county is. And FYI Placer Co. is extremely racist from their corrupt cops to their crooked judges, so race could very well be an issue.

  7. Scott Ostrander says:

    Im really suprised that i haven’t heard the it’s not their fault. should have put the cane to them. THEN i believe they would have learned a lesson, all they have learned now is how weak california is on the people that do bad things.

  8. cctina says:

    Aside from serving time I think they should also perform community service.

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