SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Authorities are now saying that there were 80 cats instead of 40 recovered in a local house, and most of them were so sick they had to be euthanized. 

Dozens of cats and dogs were found inside a College Greens residence on Tuesday after police received reports that the homeowners hadn’t been seen for days.

Animal control thought there were only 50 cats and dogs, but the count is actually 80.

The Sacramento SPCA spayed and neutered some of the animals in the past, but now they say, the owner is behind one of the worst hoarding cases they have seen in at least a year.

Because the owner voluntarily surrendered her pets, she won’t face any citations and fines, and will even receive nine of her animals back.

The city says without the woman surrendering the cats and dogs, they wouldn’t have room in their already overcrowded shelter to take care of the sick pets during the lengthy court process.

But before the owner gets some of her animals back, the surviving animals need to heal and the owner will need a place to stay. 

Code enforcement says conditions inside the house were so bad that they were forced to condemn the residence.

Comments (10)
  1. Lisa Trisler says:

    There is no way she should get any animals back without getting mental help. This was animal abuse whether she gave them up or not. She should be under arrest.

  2. TallPoppy says:

    Mental help, yes. Arrest, no. We have more important criminals to incarcerate. We shouldn’t be wasting jail space on someone with hoarding issues. Most hoarders are not intentionally hurting the animals, but that is the end result. They probably hoard other things as well like paper or trash or magazines.

  3. Use Your Brain says:

    Really!!! You honestly think she will get a place to stay in the time frame she will have to get her animals back? And be able to pay the vet bill for them? One day maybe a reporter will get the facts before they report a story.

  4. BigBallsMcGurk says:

    Even the simplest of things, that is a CITY ACO truck, not a “county vehicle”….Boit!!

  5. Kate says:

    Authorities see a clear case of animal abuse yet plan to return some animals to her. They’re in the same mental state as she is, denial.

  6. jmounday says:

    A non profit, Donations? in a residential zone? Business and professions code.Accepting donations to safely care for the innocent animals?Profit/accounting ?Sounds like a call to the attorney general or consumer affairs?

  7. Lisa says:

    Dee writes: I know this woman. She’s a kind woman who loves animals and simply got overwhelmed. She constantly receives calls from people who pick up stray cats, owners of pets who are too lazy to get their cats spayed and neutered and don’t want the kittens and she gets calls from other shelters saying if she can’t pick up five or six kittens that same day that they were going to euthanized. I’m not saying having all those animals in one place was the right thing to do, however, I understand how hard it is to say no or turn your back on helpless animals that will probably end up in city shelters, live for five or six days at best and then be euthanized for no reason because there is no space or have a horrible life running the streets only to have more kittens or be hit by a car or worse.

  8. Constance says:

    Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote irnfomative articles.

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