SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new medical marijuana shop is now open in East Sacramento.  But, some are expressing safety concerns because it’s right next to a residential neighborhood.

“My concern is safety in the neighborhood,” says one East Sacramento resident.

A sign hasn’t been put up on the business yet, but the inside is “The Healing Center,” which is a medical marijuana dispensary which recently relocated to Folsom Blvd. near 33rd Street.

The dispensary is next door to several businesses and is only a couple of hundred feet away from a residential neighborhood.

“There are kids, there’s all sorts of things going on and people walking around,” says Peggy Orr.

And it’s for that reason Orr, owner of the Pink House, doesn’t believe the dispensary is the right fit for the area.

“My only concern is we have such a great corridor with nice places to eat; it’s just not an appropriate venue,” says Orr.

But not all business owners agree.

“What he does in his own business is the American way and it’s legal,” says D. Neath of Archival Framing.

Justin, one of the owners of the Healing Center, says his shop is licensed and legal, and the last thing he wants is to bring crime to the area.

“The whole stigma about people smoking outside, smoking inside is just no, we don’t condone that,” Justin explains.

Justin says his business is just like any other, it’s just what they offer that makes some people uncomfortable.

“Our intentions of coming here is not to bring in any bad type of energy or any bad type of crowd, it’s to bring more business,” Justin tells CBS13.

The dispensary serves about 350 customers, and is currently by appointment only, but will soon operate seven days a week.

Comments (38)
  1. Old Hippie says:

    I wonder if people would complain if a CVS pharmacy opened up instead. You know, the company that just paid a $75 million fine for selling supplies to meth labs?

    This is just a pharmacy for sick people.

  2. Bob says:

    Pot is a federal class 1 drug and all those phoney “medical” people belong in jail.

    1. Jessica says:

      Well, its a good thing we live in California isn’t it? 🙂 Not only because of the medicinal part, but also thanks to good old Arnold. The only good thing that guy’s done is decriminalize marijuana. As far as the feds? Didn’t Obama tell them to stand down in regards to marijuana when he first took office?
      You really don’t care if all our monies go to to a war on pot when murder, serial killers, meth labs and heroine junkies are on the rise??? … that’s dumb.
      Just FYI, pot heads (who ONLY use pot) don’t rob, cheat, steal, fight, crash cars, or kill people. Nope, they get up, they go to work and earn their money to buy some pot to keep them from doing/saying something stupid, to outspoken, uneducated sober people like yourself. 🙂

    2. Old Hippie says:

      I guess you’re either ignorant or lack human compassion…or you work for the pharmaceutical industry.

    3. Scott says:

      And how has that worked for us? Marijuana as a Schedule 1 (not class 1) drug is a joke. It costs the state millions to put those non-violent offenders in jail. Meanwhile drugs like Cocaine get Schedule 2 status with less penalties for first time offenses. How does that make sense?

      Bob you are a scared old man who needs to wake up to the 21st century and stop watching fox news. The research on the Marijuana and it’s benefits to those suffering with certain ailments and diseases is not disputed Doctors. Only scared, overly conservative people with little facts to base their opinions on.

    4. Chris says:

      Did you forget that californians voted to legalize medical marijuana?
      Alchohol was once illegal too! I can’t wait for your generation “reffer madness” to drift on into eternal slumber!

  3. S.J. says:

    Really Bob, I guess all the prescription drugs the doctors try shoving down our throats are OK because their legal? My 60+ year old mother has several breaks in her back, fractured pelvis and recovered from cancer. Her body could not tolerate the synthetic narcotics her doctor prescribed and finally got a prescription for Marijuana. She now has a better quality of life because it has lessened the pain. I’m glad she chose the Marijuana instead of the prescription drugs. I have never heard of anyone dying from an overdose of pot but people die everyday from their prescription narcotics!

  4. Betty Rue says:

    I’m happy this is going in East Sacramento. I drive outside my area to pick up my meds and now I will go to Folsom Blvd.

  5. Ron says:

    Fact- Pharmaceutica Drugs Kill. – Pot, Not.

  6. wormdrive66 says:

    I think i will give them a call and get some Legal Pot.

  7. Retired old guy says:

    Some left over fear from the bush years. This is a legit business and will not be a problem in the community. There are some sleezy bars in that same community that cause more problems than this Pot Store ever will. The are not luring kids in to get them hooked on pot. Those who protest have no understand or knowledge of what they are talking about and NO I don’t use pot ever but I am an informed citizen in the community.

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