Amber Alert Downgraded For Missing Boy

PATTERSON, Calif. (CBS13/AP) — Authorities have downgraded the statewide Amber Alert for a 4-year-old Stanislaus County boy, who they say was kidnapped by his mother’s ex-boyfriend.

Sheriff’s Deputy Royjindar Singh says authorities decided to narrow the alert Saturday issued for Juliani Cardenas to just the San Joaquin Valley and San Jose areas.

Singh says those areas are where most of the suspect’s family and friends are located.

Authorities say 27-year-old Jose Rodriguez snatched the child from his grandmother’s arms in Patterson last Tuesday.

Juliani’s mother is not giving up hope, telling CBS13 she believes her son is still alive.

“I don’t think he’s far — somebody’s hiding him. Everybody keeps telling me that, too, somebody’s hiding him,” said Tabitha Cardenas, Juliani’s mother. “Even his mom told me, Jose’s mom told me somebody’s hiding him.”

Sheriff’s officials received reports that a vehicle fitting the description of a car used in the kidnapping went into a nearby canal Tuesday night. After combing the water and recovering five stolen cars, crews called off the canal search.

  • joe

    Let’s move on People. Get a life.

    • t

      if it was your child would you want people to move on after only four days? if it was one of my kids i wouldnt be able to move on!!

  • s

    I’m sure you wouldn’t move on if it were your child!

    • blah

      I agree with you S let Joe move on by himself cuz people like him don’t have kids don’t know how it feel…

  • Sarah

    joe, you move on.. no one cares about you..

  • wow

    joe is an ignorant idiot.
    I hope you never have kids joe.

  • ray

    joe is jose, the abductor, that’s why he wants us to go away

  • Cecilia

    Why is it that every time I turn to the news I see this boys mother on TV with a smile on her face. I know people deal with emotions in other ways but this is your missing baby. I am a mother of five children And let me tell you the only smile you will be seeing on my face is when my child is back in my arms!!!!!

    • Dave

      Yes . I noticed her smiling as well.

  • Tina Sandstrom

    A pregnant woman is hormonal. Why would she want to fully grasp what’s happened to her little boy? Better to believe he’s close by with her ex boyfriend & soon she’ll see him. Why would you expect her to be freaking out, crying all over the news?

  • Just saying

    Well Tina even more reason to be crying a hormonal crying woman crys over spilled milk..Im just saying you really have not seen any emotion at all..But like I said If that was my child missing I would absolutely not be wearing a smile on my face but sadness TINA.

  • Jeff

    I suspect he kidnapped her boy in ransom for being able to see his child when it is delivered?

  • mnwild

    I’ve had a hard time listening to the mom DEFEND the loser who kidnapped her son. She had a restraining order against him when he kidnapped Juliani and she still kept saying Jose would never hurt her son. Today she finally seems to “get it” and has stopped defending Jose.

  • i'mjustsaying

    Just Saying must be a man, very young or ignorant

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