SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police opened fire on two pit bulls after the dogs were released on the officers trying to arrest a parolee in South Sacramento.

While officers were arresting their target suspect, a second suspect allegedly released three pit bulls on the officers.  The officers responded by shooting two of the dogs.

The officers were not injured in the attack, and the condition of the dogs is unknown at this time.

A Police K-9 has been taken to the vet as a precaution.

It is unknown at time whether the second suspect has been detained for siccing the dog on the officers.

Comments (38)
  1. Lars says:

    the police should have thrown the dogs a cople of pork chops and saved their ammo to shot the perp!!!

  2. michelle says:

    I don’t know the whole story.. but those poor dogs! They were doing what their were told.. ANOTHER PIT STORY!

  3. rick says:

    first – press the “easy” button

    then take the drug money ya get, and go buy 2 more pits.


  4. Rhonda Butler says:

    I happen to know for a fact- those extremely gentle dogs (who were family members!) were not released on the Police! That is simply outrageous! What this article doesn’t say is that those “trained ” officers should have went to the front door like any normal person would. With no warning, all of a sudden, cops start jumping over the fence into the dogs back yard. Now what would you expect your dogs to do? Furthermore, only Mobey, a male pit barely a year old, went for the cop. When he pulled his gun and shot Mobey, Blue,(the other executed pit bull), ran away scared of the noise! So, the cop chased Blue down to shoot him. Please forgive me, but if your going to post short neighborhood stories, and air them, please get the facts straight! Thank you. Sincerely, Rhonda Butler.

    1. joe says:

      yaaaa rhonda
      pit bulls getting to
      mutch bad publicity nice to see the other side of story

  5. cat says:

    If you allow your dogs to interfere with the work police officers are doing then yes your dogs will be executed ,just as any armed suspect will be shot while threatening an officer . Idiots need to stop using dogs to protect your weed and stop thinking that if you have a dog in your yard you are above the law .

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