JAMESTOWN (CBS13) – A Calaveras County animal rescue group is asking for help after a horrible case of animal cruelty was uncovered this weekend.

ReHorse Rescue Ranch in Jamestown is currently taking care of ten horses that were saved by Calaveras County Animal Control over the weekend.

One stallion lived inside a 10-by-10 kennel meant for a dog.

But space here is running out and the horse haven is at full capacity.

And nursing these large animals back to health isn’t easy or cheap.

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  1. Gary Kofford says:

    We have a very good space for a stud horse,we would be happy to donate untull you can him up for adoption.

    thank you Gary Kofford

    1. sluke says:

      Why don’t you contact the horse rescue facility directly and let them know… I am sure they would appreciate it.

  2. laurie 209 says:

    The only way animal cruelty is going to stop is make it mandatory that an extremiely large fine and a long jail term is implimented. It makes me sick to here these stories over and over again and the criminals get off with a small fine compared to the pain the animal suffers and the cost to treat the victims.

    1. fenceamerica says:

      laurie, i understand your emotion and frustration, but when it comes down to it these animals are just that; animals. They are not people. I am personally an animal lover, i do a lot of hud refurbishing in south sac, and ive personally rescued several dogs, kittens, and pups from horrid abandoned homes. I get it 🙂 But it doesnt change the fact that these creatures are not people, and we allow doctors to MURDER children in the womb with NO consequences, so how can u expect more than a slap on the wrist for neglecting a few animals.

      1. Idz says:

        It doesn’t matter that they are animals. I can’t even believe someone would say ” they are just animals” this gas nothing to do with abortion. No one should abuse an animal if if it is ” just an animal” ignorant!!!!!

      2. Simply sarcastic says:

        I agree with you fence america! I have animals of mutt own and live in the country. I would never intentionally harm my animals or anyone elses for that matter. But I also feel that although animal cruelty is wrong there are other issues that should take precedent and yes abortion is just one of many. With that being said, its not ignorance its prioritizing based off basic human instinct.

      3. Animal lover says:

        Fenceamerica, I HATE it when people say “they are just animals.” Just so you know animals have feelings and are very intelligent. They feel pain same as you or I. Just because you cannot communicate with them doesn’t mean they can’t feel. There should be heavy fines for this. They get caught they get fined end of story. As for your “doctors murder” statement. These are women choosing to have an abortion. These animals aren’t choosing to be abused. There is no logic in your statement. Animals can’t speak so we as a higher intelligence, well, some of us, we need to speak for them and protect them.

  3. jiji says:

    Some people should not have these animals. If you cannot take PROPERLY
    take care of them contact the shelters for help. These horses have endured
    enough abuse and surely hope for their recovery

  4. deedee says:

    There was a lady on the news when this first aired that had been trying to get those horses out of there for days. Maybe if someone would of stepped in earlier to help her, they wouldn’t of gotten so bad.

    1. Jessie says:

      Horses dont get that skinny in a few days. This has been going on for months. It probably had been reported several times, and FINALLY someone has decided to do something about it.

      Those poor horses.

  5. Linda says:

    Where do we send donations?

  6. Joo says:

    I hate when they run a story with no info on where to send donations….

  7. deedee says:

    It says right there ReHORSE RESCUE RANCH, 209-337-5886, Raquelle Van Vleck. Located in Jamestown

  8. jb says:

    I know where these horses were and i will say that I know for a fact that calls have been made over the last SEVERAL YEARS! Why couldnt someone listen long ago?

  9. Phil says:

    JB, Thats a good question why didn’t anybody listen before? Why I’ll tell you, They feel its not their job, until it starts to get out of hand. I just love the American way, everybody points fingers, nobody wants to take credit…..

  10. Tom says:

    I just visited ReHorse to see the horses. They have a total of 45 horses in a clean well organized ranch. They need 10 bales of hay per day.I have decided to help them out. Hope other can help!

  11. andrea JuarezPayan says:

    How can we help. I was raised around horses – I would love to volunteer my time.

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