LOS ANGELES (AP) – Lindsay Lohan is in the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons.

Police got a search warrant Tuesday to look for a $2,500 stolen necklace at the troubled actress’ home near Venice Beach, a freewheeling boardwalk known for its mix of performers, tourist shops and seaside gym.

But before detectives could execute the warrant, someone — police wouldn’t say who — turned in the necklace.

Now Lohan, who is still on probation for a 2007 drunken driving case, is being investigated for possible grand theft, said Officer Bruce Borihanh on Wednesday.

An e-mail message sent to Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, was not immediately returned.

The store in Venice reported the necklace stolen on Jan. 22, roughly three weeks after the “Mean Girls” star was released from three months of court-ordered rehab that came after she admitted failing a drug test shortly after being granted early release from another treatment program.

Lohan, 24, is due in court on Feb. 25 for a probation hearing.

Lohan’s frequent legal troubles, including lawsuits and two rehab stints and two trips to jail in 2010 alone, have led to the actress appearing more in court than on the big screen in recent years.

The case of the stolen necklace is the second active police investigation that could return the former Disney star to jail if a judge determines she has violated her probation. Prosecutors in Riverside County are considering whether to press battery charges against Lohan over a December altercation the actress had with a worker at a Betty Ford Center facility in Palm Desert.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox warned Lohan at a hearing last year that he would send her back to jail if she violated the terms of her probation, which requires her to obey all laws and submit to frequent drug tests.

The investigation into the stolen necklace was first reported by celebrity website RadarOnline.com. Police would not release additional details about the item Wednesday morning.

  1. Arlene Johns says:

    When does it all end. She will never get jail or prison time which she needs a few years of. They keep giving he special treatment. She doesn’t learn her lessons with all the chances she has had. Lock her up and throw away the key for 7 years. Don’t let her out on good time. She gives them what she wants until she is out on her own. LOCK HER UP!!!!

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