VACAVILLE (CBS13) —  A middle school student with seemingly scary photos posted on his Facebook is causing concern after a teacher says he threatened her.

Vaca Peña Middle School parents are talking about the photos of a 13-year-old student at the school holding what appears to be a handgun, and one photo of him holding the alleged firearm toward his own head.

“I’m afraid that he might injure a classmate,” says one concerned parent.

CBS13 confirms that the child shown in the photos is the student named in a teacher’s restraining order; she says the boy purposely tripped her.

“This was willing, purposely and malicious violence,” says Julie Davis.

She didn’t want to be filmed by CBS13 cameras, but Davis suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.  A March trial has been set for the restraining order while a temporary one keeps the child ten yards away.

CBS13 stopped by the child’s home to ask his parents about the photos, and his mother says at most it’s a BB gun.

“Is he a threat at all to the community?” asked CBS13 reporter, Derek Shore.

“No.  I’m telling you he’s really not.  He’s a really sweet kid,” says the boy’s mother.

She says she is voluntarily removing her son from Vaca Peña Middle School.

But, parents are left wondering when that will happen.

“If it is a toy gun, it’s stills scary.  It’s like what is he bragging about then?” says a concerned parent.

Meanwhile, the Vacaville School District is telling CBS13 that the safety of everyone on campus is their top priority, and they have no reason to think Vaca Peña Middle School isn’t safe.

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  1. ParentOfThree says:

    hey CR, seriously calm down! this kid, either way, is SCREAMING for attention. he’s emotionally reaching out…BY acting out, people!!! Who knows what’s going on with his home life. No mention of dad. And there ya go…

    1. Alexandra Elliott says:

      true he needs to be helped not pushed away.

      1. CR says:

        There’s a really, really big difference between:

        1.) Disciplining a kid and/or sending them to a therapist


        2.) Writing a sensationalist news story about a kid

        I see everyone seems to think I am suggesting the parents do nothing. Or that he not go to therapy. Never said either of those–I’m saying, don’t everyone else all freak out and jump to conclusions. The fact is that what I said and what everyone here is reacting to in criticizing me are two different things. This situation is bringing out the irrational side of a lot of people.

    2. Ron says:

      Yea, tell that to the parents of the Columbine students. And your degree is in…? This is more of a warning than a cry for help; do you not read the news? Protect first and err on the side of caution and protection; the life of an innocent student is a high price to pay for “spare the rod” philosophy. This is a gun he is holding, not a slingshot!

      1. CR says:

        If I recall correctly, many parents of kids killed in Columbine and elsewhere didn’t like the media storm that followed either. And there are plenty of researchers that see a link between sensationalistic news stories and copycat crimes. Is it really a good idea to make a big deal about something in the media?

    3. Bob Elizarraraz says:

      It doesn’t matter what is happening in his home life at this stage, Get the Gun then find out what is going on because to late is to late and I’m Sorry is not going to work.

  2. Hereticmonk says:

    A few years ago I came across the same kind of picture on a friend of mines sons myspace page. I told her about it and her concern was very little. I think parents know their kids are doing things like this but just don’t care. Parents want to be friends with their kids more then parents most of the time.

  3. Jenell says:

    Parents need to take this type of things seriously. A student that would trip a teacher in middle school has issues. Mom, don’t laugh this off, you’ve got a kid headed for trouble, get serious now or you’ll be sorry later!

  4. Lilly says:

    sweet kids dont trip a teacher on purpose. wake up mom. get the kid some help.

  5. Concerned Mother of 3 says:

    I agree I think this needs to be taken more seriously, a cry for help/attention for sure. Wether its at home, school, friends or whatever something is going on with this kid and he needs help. Everything needs to be done to protect this kid and the other students/teachers/staff at Vaca Pena before something horrible happens.

  6. Concerned Mother of 3 says:

    Wake up Mom! Even if it is a BB Gun it can still cause harm and the pictures speak loud and clear, real or fake this kid needs help!!

  7. ARC says:

    Wake up Mom, that “BB” gun goes well along w his Red/White/Black “street” uniform. I bet all his “sweet” friends wear the same “street” uniform… Whats really funny is moms so oblivious to whats going on she likely bought her little “sweety” that uniform… I realize in todays world ignoring the obvious is the politically correct thing to do, but if anybody really wants to save this kid they better start paying attention.

  8. Hereticmonk says:

    It’s not a cry for help. He’s just emulating his ghetto rapper fabulous role models. It’s okay that 50cent went to prison and his song went number 1. They want to be the next 50 cent rap star ghetto fabulous. Which is worse second graders giving oral sex in class or a kid on Facebook with a gun?

  9. Hereticmonk says:

    I’m sure we’ll see this kid in the news again. Drive by shooting, gang shooting, rape, the many other things glorified in rap music. But something tells me it won’t be because he’s state spelling bee champion.

  10. ARC says:

    My hope is his mom does wake up and realize she has a problem. That problem being shes neglected her obligation as a mother to pay attention to the patterns of behavior of her child. Lets not forget he is a child and is easily influenced by others. First rule as a real parent: Be a positive influence and role model for your child. If you dont there is always someone there waiting to be a negative one. It takes courage to be a parent. Mom YOUR NOT HIS FRIEND!!! Unfortunately because of this childs age she may be to late.

  11. scopedope says:

    So, exactly what is being done to put this little punk away where he can’t harm anybody?

  12. 916 lady says:

    “He’s a really sweet kid”, says the mother. Right. Every sweet kid I know, DOES own a gun!! Really? The point is, NO child should have a gun (or so claimed BB gun). There is obviously an issue with this child whether it be a home, at school, emotionally or physically. Someone needs to evaluate this home and this child ASAP.

    1. ARC says:

      Couldnt agree more. Please understand Im not stereo typing this case because I dont know all the facts but as a whole we are starting to see the end result of the mid 90s “kids having kids problem”. It would not suprise me to find out this kid was raised by very young parents or even more likely a parent. Many of these parents adapted and are doing a great job raising their kids. Unfortunately, statistically speaking a large number did not do a good job and we are all dealing with the aftermath.

  13. Mom of 2 good kids says:

    Unfortunately, in these times, this is cause for concern. This is absolutely unacceptable. Seriously, kids nowadays have some issues.

  14. Marvelous says:

    Most of today’s comments are ignorant and off base in my opinion.
    First of all, we don’t know anything about what happened between him and the teacher. Secondly, guns don’t kill people, people do. We always had guns in the house when I was growing up. And, guess what, we never killed anybody. It is about parenting that is true but the boy having a gun itself is not a problem.

  15. Tracy says:

    A child with a gun is a cry for attention. “Drive by shooting, gang shooting, rape, the many other things glorified in rap music” can and have been in movies, tv, etc long before rap came into play. So let’s not play the blame game, let’s just help our children.

  16. Pinkster says:

    This kid we have nicknamed “Special Ed” must love the attention he’s getting and when he graduates to the Big Boyz Prison system, he’ll be a star performer in the Bend Ovahh Boyz Band. I hope the teacher sues everybody who didn’t do right by her when she was assaulted.

  17. nette leute kennelernen says:

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