World War II Grenades Found In San Francisco Garage

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco police have removed five grenades from a garage in the city’s Potrero District that were discovered by the family of a recently deceased 92-year-old man.

   Police say the family was cleaning out the man’s home and garage when they discovered the World War II-era grenades in a paper bag around 7:15 a.m. Thursday. It’s not clear why the grenades were there.

   The bomb squad was called in and used two robots to remove them. Streets in the area were closed and some businesses evacuated.

   The removal was completed around 9 a.m.

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  • Robbie

    Not the type of souvenier one normally has from WWII. Lucky they did not explode by now. Makes you wonder just what is out there in all thoes garages?!

  • Derrick Williams

    it makes everyone wonder if there was a poop bomb exploded in the city; theirs alot of paper bags in the city like doring WW11? im just happy 4 them to use robots

  • Mom At Lake Tahoe

    Dang, I thought I hid those things better!!!

  • Sacnative

    I found a Pineapple grenade buried in my backyard while digigng a garden–was something the original owner brought back from Korea…bomb squad came out & retreived it–x-ray’s & determined didn’t have a fuse–would be hard to explode…but their metal det5ector wasn’t working and they thought it might be good for me to check the yard further–thanks guys—no further ones found-but we are extremely careful while digging now

  • susannelawrence

    Wow amazing they have been able to last this long

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