SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  A UC Davis professor was attacked during protests in Cairo, and is now telling CBS13 what happened.

“I was attacked because they accused me, they said ‘bad agent, American agent’,” says Noha Radwan.

UC Davis professor and native Egyptian, Noha Radwan, describes the brutal attack on her and others in Cairo as they demand democracy.

“I got beaten up.  I had a necklace around my neck that was snatched off my neck, they ripped my shirt open and pulled my hair,” she explains.

Radwan spoke on the phone from Cairo on Friday at a rally held in downtown Sacramento, where groups held signs pledging support for a new day in Egypt as a violent revolution took place calling for the ouster of longtime President Hosni Mubarak.

“I have small cuts, really, and a minor head injury. I got a couple of stitches at the hospital.  Some people are suffering concussions, serious eye injuries and a few people have died,” Radwan tells CBS13.

Standing in support of the professor and Egypt are community leaders including State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

“What the Egyptian people want is what we have had and cherished for more than two centuries,” says Steinberg.

Radwan is hoping that happens soon, so peace in her homeland can be restored and true democracy can begin.

“We’re all hoping that the President steps down tonight,” says Radwan.


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