PLACERVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — A former worker at a Sleep Train distribution center says he was fired after answering an emergency phone call regarding Wednesday’s deadly Placer County school shooting.

David Farely said a manager saw him answering the phone call from Placerville Union School District officials after Sierra Elementary School was locked down late Wednesday morning.

Officials instituted the emergency measures after Principal Sam LaCara was shot and killed at Louisiana Schnell Elementary, about a mile away from Sierra Elementary. Farely’s wife is a teacher at the school and his son is a student.

Farely said company managers told him the phone call broke company policy and led to the termination of his employment.

“In my mind, it was an emergency phone call,” Farely said. “It wasn’t just any ordinary phone call from a buddy or something like that. It was my family situation.”

Farely said he was employed for Sleep Train for five years. A safety violation in recent months left him on probation, but Farely said he shouldn’t have been fired for taking a phone call about his family.

Sleep Train representatives said they cannot comment on personnel issues, but added that all regulations are designed to promote safety.


Comments (27)
  1. Paul Baker says:

    Now that’s just wrong ……….

  2. Marvin Shaver says:

    Looks like a wrongful termination claim to me.

  3. Jen says:

    There are times rules are meant to be broken and this would have been one time it was okay! I just won’t shop at Sleep Train if they are going to treat an employee like this.

  4. Steve says:

    How is this a “story”???

    1. Nod says:

      He probably has a friend or family member that works for the T.V. station. Or, they’re (CBS 13) just that desperate for stories…

      1. Team Dave says:

        Come on guy, a Sleep Train worker with media friends? Get with the program idiots. Wrongful termination; just becuase you don’t give a sht about your family doesn’t mean hard workers don’t. When your family is at risk of being killed don’t cry because the “media” doesn’t care about you. Do us all a favor and beat it.

      2. Nod says:

        @Team Dave, You know what? How ’bout you “beat it” which I’m dead sure you already do, all day long while ogling at internet porn, troll.

      3. Team Dave supporter! says:

        No!!! Not a friend or family member of the news. Just a guy who is trying to make a living for his famly. And the response to Team Dave is not only idiotic, but shows how uneducated you truly are. Team Dave is right…beat it, and I don’t think he’s talking about what you are!!!

      4. ME says:

        Nod, u make no sense, and I am dumb huh.. collect your check and I will keep paying.

      5. NicsNic says:

        @Nod, Team Dave is no boys hun…LMAO.

  5. Steve says:

    Peolpe are fired and hired, everyday! It is no place for a public referendum; employees have more than enough (job) protection from all the powerful unions.

    1. ME says:

      Tell us Steve what is news worthy would you? Because people really want to know what someone like yourself (that is so important) should tell us what to read/discuss/think. You must be really mad at your Union, why don’t you just voice your BS to them?

  6. Rationale says:

    The story says (if anyone bothered to read it) that the guy was already ON DISCIPLINARY PROBATION from his employer (Sleeptrain) at his place of work (their warehouse), for a previous SAFETY VIOLATION incident. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts it was for talking on his cell phone while operating equipment, i.e. forklifts, etc, after all it is a “warehouse.” There are rules on the clock for ANY job, like it or not. There are consequences for behaviors. I’ll bet he had probably already been told, “one more time while you’re on probation and you’re gone.”

  7. ylg says:

    I’m sure there is another side of this story. After all, he was already on probation. You have to really do some sh@@ to get on probation. This probably was the final straw to get rid of him.

  8. jdgalt says:

    Whether the law allows this abusive practice or not, the public should do something about it by not shopping there unless he is reinstated. The right to do business the way you please goes for us as well as them.

  9. CK says:

    It’s El Dorado County dip wads.

  10. Breeze says:

    Regardless of whether someone is on probation, the tragedy that took place in Placerville, where his wife and child were in the schools that were on lockdown, should have been an exception! Regardless of anything else. The company handbook where I work states that we are not to use our cell phones while clocked in, but I can guarantee that if this was the school that my children attended, my supervisor as well as the owner of the company, and any one of my coworkers, would have not only let me take that call, but they would have driven me to where ever I needed to be.

    I am a rule follower, but there is a time that compassion needs to be given, and last weeks tragic event was one of those times.

    Shame on you SleepTrain!

    1. mike says:

      Breeze, I agree with you totally!

  11. Beth C. says:

    Now that he doesn’t have a job, how is he going to pay his cell phone bill? Wasn’t that his priority? Some people believe it is their RIGHT to answer personal calls at work. This person found out the hard way that WORK IS THE PRIORITY. He deserves to lose his job if he is putting his co-workers at risk by being on a cell phone when he shouldn’t be. He was already on probation for goodness sake! There are lots of other people in line for all our jobs – so this guy should look in the mirror and chalk this up to a learning lesson, and make work his priority the next time he’s lucky enough to find a job.

    1. ME says:

      I am sure delivering your mattress was a total priority to him wondering if his wife and child were alive. Ignorant fool. This is probably why you do not have a job.

    2. Team Dave supporter!!! says:

      Everyone is forgetting the real situation at hand here…AN EMERGENCY!!!!!!!! If that was your family on lock-down at a school, how would you feel? Or do you not have family that you love and cannot put yourself in his shoes???
      There are rules for a reason and I am a rule follower too but there are always exceptions to the rules……

  12. M says:

    I sure won’t be buying any products from “Sleep Train” if this is how they treat employees. This guy may be the next one who returns with a shot gun after being fired. Duh… Any of you people with a family, spouse or children wouldn’t accept an emergency phone call that pertains to your loved one?

  13. Placerville Mom says:

    Now I know why i watch KCRA. The man’s name is David Farley pronounced FAR-LEE. The county is El Dorado not Placer. The name of the school district is Placerville Union School District not Placer Unified School District.

  14. LADYBUGC says:

    okay his family wasnt even at the school where the shooting took place, second he was on a machine that could have KILLED some one his self by not paying attention so REALLY ! How did he know there was any thing going on when your not to have your phones on the floor O wait breaking the rules.. if so worried why not leave and GO ?

  15. anonymous says:

    Coming from a sleep train employee, there are many ways he could have dealt with this. I am sorry for his termination, but there are a very few amount of rules to follow when in the warehouse. One is no cell phones. There are multiple offices and multiple managers that could have been informed in mere seconds about answering a call or text to avoid this. By the way, sleep train its very good to its employees. One of the best companies to work for in my opinion

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