SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After 25 years, it’s out with the old and in with the new at the home of the Sacramento Kings.

Workers have started taking down the “ARCO Arena” sign. They’re making way for the new signs that read “Power Balance Pavilion”.

Click on the images below to see what the new sign will look like.

power balance side Arena Sign Change Begins


power balance detail Arena Sign Change Begins


The arena will officially change its name on March 1.

California-based Power Balance inked a five-year deal with the Maloofs for an undisclosed amount.

Power Balance sells a line of wristbands, bracelets and pendants with embedded holograms the company claims improves athletic performance through holistic methods.

A number of high-profile athletes swear by the wristbands’ effects, but the company made headlines in early January when it admitted there is no science to back up their advertising claims.

Comments (20)
  1. Deuce says:

    This is a complete embarrassment to Sacramento and all that support the Kings.
    To sell the naming rights to snake oil salesmen only serves to further Sacramento’s laughing stock in to the rest of the country.
    Power Balance markets magnetic bracelets that, through the magic of magnetic, heal and center your energy.
    What a friggin’ farce.
    Who is going to be the head of promotions? Magneto?
    Guess where I WON’T be spending my money for future entertainment.
    I’d rather take the drive to the Bay area then step foot in the former Arco.

    1. lucasnico says:

      yeah….what an embarrassment. thank god that BP/Arco oil spill was only a hiccup

  2. Phil Kampel says:

    Thanks for supporting your local venue, Deuce. Are you also one of those who is against public funds being used to build a new arena? Just curious. Perhaps you should have negotiated naming rights with someone you thought would be more appropriate. On another note, since Arco (the oil company) is “a part of BP” (their slogan), were you happier standing behind a place named for someone who contributed to the Gulf oil spill?

    None of the above has anything to do with my leanings. I just find it interesting that people are so quick to rattle off their opinions without making a case for anything.

    1. Deuce says:

      Holler back whe the Kings make it to the playoffs.
      With their record, I don’t support a single cent of public money for these over paid ghetto rat losers.

  3. Samuel Norwood says:

    Phil, I wouldn’t take someone named after bowel movement too seriously.

  4. ryf48 says:

    What’s wrong with the name POWER BALANCE? Why embarrassment? If you believe in that company’s products, that’s fine. If not, there are always some people believe in it. Whoever pays get the naming right. If you are willing to pay, you can name it DEUCE PAVILION. Support your local economy and enjoy the KINGS while they are still here. People like you are the ones pushing the KINGS and other business to leave town.

  5. Marnie L Marfil says:

    Samuel that just made me spit my coke from laughing!!
    I am for anything to keep this Arena in Sactown and Home of the Kings!!!!!!
    Gooooooooooo Kings!!!

  6. Aaron says:

    Great day for Sacramento. 1) You made #5 in the list of top 5 most miserable cities in america and 2) you named your only pro sports complex after a product widely accepted as a complete scam.

    1. Paul Wilcox says:

      I like how they are basing that rating on our sports! Who even cares about that!

  7. James says:

    Power Balance is a fly by night company that sells fake “healing/strength” wrist bands. Why would anybody with any common sense want to be affiliated with them? The wrist bands are fake, even Power Balance acknowledged that the wrist bands are fake. Anybody who wears those wrist bands may be interested in some land I have for sell in Iowa with ocean views.

  8. Ryan says:

    Well, with Arco/BP removing it’s operations from California in 2 years because of AB32 (along with other oil companies), Arco has no reason to renew their agreement. This name change as a lot more to do with CA politics and environmental BS, than it does with any issues connected with Sacramento.

  9. virgolady says:

    All of a sudden, after all the negotiations about MOVING the arean,…NOW THIS??? What really gives?? I smell a block of cheese rotting in the CITY!

  10. virgolady says:

    Why woud you change the name unless SOMETHING was going to change? :Looks like the arena is staying where it is??? If not, why the name change? Hmmmm POLITICS!!!!!

  11. the916guy says:

    that place is a dump and so are the kings

  12. jason says:

    what are they going to do when PB folds in a year!!!
    what a dumass!!!
    leave it to the Galoofs!!!

  13. Soon To Be Kingless in Sac says:

    Ryan – last I checked, Arco AM/PM gas stations were EVERYWHERE around the Sacramento area. This isn’t about politics…it’s about $$$. Always has been, always will be.

  14. Sigh says:

    Guess the “most talked about news” had to change from being upset about the fee for non-resident accidents to Arco name change.
    What’s up with Sacramento?
    It seems like everyone accepted PacBell being changed to AT&T park.
    Big deal, so they changed the name. I’m waiting for the accident fee to go into effect, then my business in Sacramento stops and increases in Stockton. I don’t like to drive in big cities anyway let alone someone trying to cut me off causing me to have an accident and being charged extra for at fault!
    I guess residents of Sacramento don’t care if they have any tourist business and their economy is just fine solely from local citizens spending.

  15. Mark says:

    Perfect match. Both worthless products!

  16. RL says:

    Totally stupid. The Maloofs would be better off changing the name to Fisher Price Arena.

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