Man Stabbed, Carjacked At Convenience Store

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man has been stabbed and his car was stolen while he was in front of a convenience store in Sacramento Tuesday.

The incident happened at 6930 65th St., according to Jason Ramos, a Sacramento Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson. The victim was transported to Kaiser South hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect is described as an Asian male. The victim’s car is described as a brown Toyota Camry 4-door.

  • Dianna Johnson

    Just another reason people should apply to carry a conceled weapon…this crime would have resulted in the car jacking not happening and the victim not being stabbed and the criminal..well he would have gotten his do justice.

  • Matthew Parvin

    I think that the idiot that did the stabbing will be caught, I hope he is shaking and sweating bullets worried about being caught. The victim should of had a .42 gun in his pocket for fun and I’ll bet the perp would have thought twice……


    gun = car still in your control.

    • Fanni

      I was really confused, and this asnwered all my questions.

  • Heloise

    What an awesome way to expalin this—now I know everything!

  • bbrmvzvfmvh

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  • riddles

    You could not be more right…

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